AYS DAILY DIGEST 4/2/2017: Another life taken by the European borders

Photo by Refugee Accommodation City Plaza Athens


A boy who dreamed about Europe died at the EU doorstep

A young boy from Afghanistan died tonight while trying to enter European union. He and group of 16 people were trying to cross over the river Tisa in between Serbia and Hungary. They were walking over the frozen river, the ice broke under him and he fell into the cold river. According to the eyewitness, he was crying for help while Hungarian border police were calmly observing what is happening.

The river Tisa between Serbia and Hungary


Over 230 new arrivals in 24 hours

During the last 24 hours, 232 new arrivals to islands were registered by volunteers who helped them. Only to Lesvos, 142 people arrived.

Video by Eric Kempson

Volunteer needed in Oreakastro

Camp Oreakastro is almost empty. Only 24 people remained after they refused to be relocated to another camp. People are moved to Alexandria and Veria camps.

Photo by Abdelalih Alhamoud

Hunger strikes in two camps

People from Afghanistan who are living in Eliniko camp will start hunger strike tomorrow. The camp was supposed to be closed months ago, but nothing changed there. The living conditions are unbearable, there are many children, and the Ministry that is in charge of the camp does not allow any volunteers inside which makes the situation even harder.

New day center set up in Thessaloniki

Alkyone Refugee Day Center aims to address basic needs of people stranded in this are, especially the most vulnerable ones. They provide two meals a day, clothing distribution, access to washing and drying machines, much needed psychosocial support, limited time housing in apartments, skills development workshops and seminar, activities and events aiming to cultural exchange, communication and interactivity between refugees and the local community.


Invisible walls

Authorities in Italy are not doing much to help people who are arriving in big numbers even this year. Last night, 380 people were rescued at Lampedusa, among them many women and newborns. They are mostly from Mali, Guinea, and Ivory Coast, but also from South Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Gambia.


A shocking scenes from the border

More horror like stories from the European Union borders. Sirius.Help team reports about “a shocking scene” they found at the Röszke-Horgos transit zone.

Photo by Sirious.Help
Photo by No Name Kitchen and AYS


Volunteers needed in Calais

AYS volunteer reports that some 200 people are sleeping rough in and around Calais. The youngest he met tonight was 15 years old. People are staying in a makeshift camp not far away from what once was the Jungle. They are afraid of the police that is hunting them in this area.



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