AYS DAILY DIGEST 5.1.17- Additional homeless shelters available in Greece

With this winter proving to be a particularly cold one, those who find themselves without a roof over their head will be particularly at risk. Among many of the homeless in Greece are, of course, refugees. The infrastructure to keep the homeless warm has been expanding for a few weeks now, and it is exciting to see that more places are opening to keep people safe from the elements. With snow expected to fall soon, these shelters may be vital to peoples’ survival.

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A list of plans/promises made by the Greek government with regard to the camps

Elliniko Warehouse in Pampiraiki reopens

The warehouse was open today from 9am to 2pm. It will be closed on Friday owing to Epiphany celebrations, but it will be open from Monday onwards, from 11am to 6pm.

Spanish to Arabic translator needed!

Hole in the Borders in Athens is in need of a Spanish to Arabic translator. Please contact them if you qualify.

Humanitarian Support Agency seeks help!

The Schoolbox Project is seeking to open a new location!

All camps that are in need of additional children’s programming should contact Belle Sweeney on Facebook.

131 total official registrations on the islands

There have been 52 arrivals on Lesvos, 35 on Chios, and 44 on Samos, making for a total of 131 arrivals. Additionally, there were 8 arrivals to Lesvos in the early hours of the morning. The people, 4 men, 2 women, and 2 children, are all safe.


Today, MSF is distributing blankets in Belgrade


Second Home Refugee Center in Ljubljana is holding a fundraiser to buy wood to keep warm!


Fire in refugee accommodation wounds 57 people

Around noon, a refugee shelter caught fire. The shelter in Paderborn houses more than 500 people, most of whom come from the Balkans. Over 100 firefighters were called to extinguish the fires, and the situation was soon under control. The reasons for the fire are as of yet unknown.


Paris Ground Support in need of laundry facilities

Paris Ground Support Team have a large number of blankets that need washing so that they can be redistributed to people living on the streets. We are seeking industrial laundry facilities in Paris where this could be done for free or cheaply. It ould be a hotel, hospital, industrial laundry, etc.


Protest following the death of a refugee leads to pledges to deport those whose asylum applications were rejected

Following the death of a refugee woman as the result of a blood clot on Monday, the 500 residents of the Cona refugee center in Veneto staged a protest. They claim that the center’s staff would not call an ambulance for hours, despite it being clear that the woman was in need of medical assistance. Objects were set on fire, but nobody was injured in the course of the demonstrations.


UNICEF report shares the agency’s efficacy for 2016 and targets for 2017

The group’s report, which may be read here, shows that in many areas, the agency fell far short of its targets. The group had received less funding than it had called for, $22 million rather than $31 million. For 2017, the group has set a goal of $47.5 million.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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