AYS DAILY DIGEST 5/12/2017: Children of Moria

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Usually, we avoid showing pictures of children, but there is a need to remind all the people that among over 15.000 who are stranded on the islands, there are children. Most of them do not go to school and are forced to stay in unbearable living conditions that resemble prison camps, like in Moria. And the winter is here.


Despite bad weather, boats full of people are still arriving to Greece. On Tuesday, three boats with 136 people arrived to islands.



Officially, on December 3rd, 4,400 refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants were counted in Serbia, with 4,026 housed in 18 governmental centers.


Yesterday morning, a young man has threatened to commit suicide in Zagreb reception center Porin by jumping from the building. Both the firemen and the police intervened.


According to Oxfam, in the region of Liguria, Ventimiglia area, hundreds of migrants fleeing from wars in Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Eritrea, live under a highway, along river Roia.


The 37-year-old captain of a boat with 38 migrants on board that was towed into the Kato Pyrgos harbor by a police vessel around 1 am on Tuesday after it was located in the sea nearby was arrested later in the day and is being investigated for people smuggling.


During this year, a number of people arriving to Spain significantly increased, particularly people from the Middle East and Syria.


German police on Tuesday arrested an Afghan citizen on suspicion of smuggling migrants by sea from Turkey to Greece. During the crossing in January 2016, the boat sank and coast guards managed to retrieve 35 bodies from the water, and 24 people were rescued. More than 90 people were on the boat, and the rest remain missing until today.

European Union

The fortress Europe has a plan to fortify its border even more. Germany, Italy and now even Belgium, plans are increasing security measures for flight passengers arriving from Greece.



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Are You Syrious?

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