AYS Daily Digest 5/4/17: After 15 months in Germany, woken up and deported to Croatia

Croatia — rising number or refused demands for asylum and deported people from other EU countries, lowest number of relocations // UN Council spoke. // Hundreds of lives saved at the sea // Racist attacks in Greece // Romania tightens border policies // Hungary activates more “Border Hunters” // Dutch court rules the country must take in more refugees

The chemical bombing of Syria and innocent children that nobody is held responsible for — — — — an illustration by Shahrokh Heidari
Via Syrilution Creative Arts



Traumatic experience of a deported girl

What’s the situation in Croatia?

circle of numbers in different languages made by the elementary school students at the afternoon homework class in Porin (Photo:AYS)


Financial aspect


UN Security Council emergency meeting


“After 2 days spent patrolling its assigned area of operations since the launch of the new mission, today the Phoenix was engaged in 3 different rescues, pulling to safety 320 people from 3 different boats.
2 boats were spotted this early morning by our maritime patrol aircraft, this year for the first time operating alongside our Phoenix, allowing the rescue to be conducted smoothly and with no danger. Operations have been ongoing for approximately 12 hours since the early morning.” — MOAS
“The MSF Aquarius has rescued 101 people from a rubber boat. They’re exhausted and seasick but relieved to be alive.” — MSF Sea
This week, 558 refugees have been saved at see and brought to Sicily, of whom 61 minors (Photo: Borderline Sicilia ONLUS)




Racist attacks on refugees

Volunteers wanted at Refugee Info Bus


President speaks out against the common regulation


Tightening the border control


Photo source: Daily News Hungary


Prison for the italian activist who helped people on their way


Dunkerque Refugee Women’s Center is looking for interns


Volunteers needed Sunday April 9, in Brighton



Dutch Court rules on the refugee reception


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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