AYS DAILY DIGEST 6/3/2017: Life at the Jordan-Syrian border

Volunteers document poor conditions in makeshift camps / Plans for moving people from Eastern Aegean islands to Crete in final stage / Volunteers improve conditions in Belgrade / More reports on police violence in Hungary / Italy sees 57 percent more arrivals compared to last two years / Drivers gather in Brussels to stand up for Human Rights

A makeshift shelter in a camp close to the Syrian border in Jordan. Credits: Molly Nixon


Mobile school room. Credits: Shannon Monroe Ashton


The Worldwide Tribe takes on the Eko Project. Credits: The Worldwide Tribe

Meanwhile, News That Moves has published a new issue of Rumours and Answers which includes information about relocation, reunification and national passports in Greece. For more information, see their website.


As of this morning, on the Eastern Aegean islands a total of 61 new arrivals had been registered: 3 on Lesvos, 31 on Chios and 27 on Samos. According to official figures there are still more than 14,000 people stuck on the islands.


Trash is being removed at the barracks. Credits: SoulWelders

Yesterday the Respond team, who usually operate in Thessaloniki, started setting up showers for people in the streets. You can support their work by giving a donation.

New showers for Belgrade. Credits: Respond


The increase in the number of incidents follows the announcement that Hungary is planning to build a second fence on the Hungary-Serbia border. Needless to say, the aim of the fence will be to prevent people from entering the country. Replying to an email from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the spokesperson from the Hungarian embassy in Stockholm, Marta Marko-Tisch, denied the allegations about systematic violence.


Yesterday, Proactiva Open Arms rescued 122 people at sea off the coast of Libya, but five people remained missing. It was also reported by Frontex that a Norwegian ship with 503 people on board arrived in Catania. One died of chronic illness and two suspected smugglers were caught. In recent days around 1,200 people have been rescued at sea.

Happy to be rescued at sea. Credits: Kripos


Promise = Promise. Credits: bringthemhereeu

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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