AYS Daily Digest 6/6/2017: 18th eviction for Baobab, immediately occupied again

EU Ombudsam to examine EASO work on the Greek islands / Statement against the Skype Lottery / More police in Calais and Dunkerque / 15 arrests for people smuggling in Sicily

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18th eviction for Baobab Experience

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Eviction Piazzale Maslax (Baobab Experience, Amnesty Roma Centro)

Throwing away precarious shelters, and those few belongings and personal effect, so important for them, is a show of gratuitous cruelty.

On the upside, by 20.00 tonight 150 people, activists, refugees and citizens, occupied again Piazzale Maslax and started to reorganize a new informal shelter.

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Social dinner after the occupation (Baobab experience)

Someone won’t get it, many more will understand how we feel: after such a day, made of abuses, identifications at the police station and a destroyed camp, we still want to dance!

Donations are needed, contact Baobab on facebook.


Reminder of the deadline for registering refugees and asylum seekers to school:

  • June 7, for children aged 6 to 12

Greek Islands

Arrivals and push-backs

Today one boat with 15 people arrived on Lesvos. An other one headed to Chios was pushed back last night by the Turkish Coast Guard.

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#ChiosAtBreakingPoint (Data refugee rights project)

EU Ombudsman to examine EASO works in the Greek islands.

Following a complaint filed in April by the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and Brot für die Welt, accepted on June 1st, the Ombudsman will probe the criteria of international protection’s application assessments by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in the framework of the EU-Turkey deal.

Thereby EASO not only violates its own guidelines for conducting interviews, but its involvement in the procedure goes beyond the scope of its powers under EU law. Consequently, applicants for international protection are deprived of a fair hearing and denied the chance to present and substantiate their asylum case.

Read more here and here (PDF).

Elsewhere in Greece

The Skype Lottery

The skype preregistration is the first step to access the lengthy procedure for international protection. […] The asylum applicant card, that individuals receive after the registration, allows access to work, access to accommodation in reception centres, as well as being guaranteed to circulate freely. All the prerequisite needed to start a new life.

Unfortunately so far, many difficulties are still contributing to make the access to asylum ineffective. Accordingly, we urge the end of the skype program and call for a direct access for the asylum seeker to register by having a direct access to the Regional Asylum Office.

Support the relocation of unaccompanied minors from Greece

Support METAdrasi in the relocation from Greece of unaccompanied refugee minors. In April they were able to escort for the first time ever five unaccompanied minors from Greece to Portugal:

what was considered until recently as inconceivable, was made possible for the first time: to enable and empower unaccompanied children to build their future in other EU countries.

This opens new possibilities for hundreds of unaccompanied children who are trapped in Greece and often live in unacceptable conditions, due to lack of availability in suitable accommodation facilities, thus driven into the hands of traffickers.

Emergency refugees scholarship fund by the University of the People

The online university UoPeople allocated funding for 500 refugees for an initial 10-Exams program.


Humanitarian Support Agency are looking for TEFL certified teacher for their English classes in Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos? You can join the HSA team by Applying on their webpage.

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Donation needed in Sid camp

Sid camp needs shoes and backpacks urgently. Trousers, socks, shorts, T-shirts, underwear and jumpers are also welcomed.

Volunteers needed in Obrenovac camp

Refugee Aid Miksalište is currently working on food preparation and distribution in Obrenovac camp (45 min from Belgrade). They are looking for volunteers to help cook food together with the local community in the restaurant. Sanitary booklet, accommodation and one meal per day provided.

Outdoor furniture delivered to Koutsochero camp

Intervolve unloaded today the first batch of picnic tables and benches at the Koutsochero camp. Build by The Timber Project, these are the first outdoor furniture in this remote camp.

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Kotsuachero camp (Intervolve)


15 people arrested for people smuggling

Palermo public attorney’s office disposed the arrest of 15 people accused of association for transnational crime to facilitate clandestine immigration and tobacco smuggling, Italian news agency states. The organization would have transported from Tunisia to Marsala (Sicily) also people accused by the Tunisian police, for possible linkages with jihadi terrorist organizations. The organization was representing a “threat to the national security” according to the public ministers.

National civil service activities to be open to refugees and humanitarian protection holders.

Infomigrants reports that the government will expand the activities of the country’s civil service to refugees and humanitarian protection holders. The services were previously available only to Italian citizens. The national civil service assigns and carries out assistance and social utility or cultural promotion projects. Labor ministry Undersecretary Luigi Bobba said the project submission phase will involve nearly 3,000 volunteers.


More police in Calais and Dunkirk

Media sources report (1, 2) statements released yesterday by interior minister Gerard Collombe announcing police reinforcements in the area of Calais and Dunkirk.

Five arrests at a food distribution in Calais

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CRS attempt to stop food distribution (Riaz Ahmad)

Czech Republic

Halt to relocation after accepting 12 asylum seekers

According to media sources (1, 2) Czech government decided to completely stop relocation program after they accepted only 12 people in 2016 (last person was relocated in August), out of 2.961 that was planned. Czech interior minister Milan Chovanec declared on Monday that the country would withdraw from the legally binding EU scheme, over broader concerns linked to security and the “dysfunctionality of the whole system” and that the government is ready to take measures against possible EU sanctions.

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