AYS DAILY DIGEST 7/3: The death tolls continues to skyrocket.

ISIS launched a deadly attack on a Baghdad market today, killing over 100 people. 43 were also killed as a result of government airstrikes on a Syrian town, and ISIS had abducted tens of people from their homes. 16 also died while crossing the Mediterranean. With all of these tragic casualties happening in the course of a single day, it is important to remember how precarious life is for millions people around the world. Calls for volunteers in Greece and info for those heading toward Serbian-Hungarian border.

The aftermath of the deadly bombinb in the Karada District. Photo credit: Reuters


ISIS car bombs in a Baghdad market have killed at least 131 people and wounded another 200.


Regime airstrike against town of Jayrud have killed at least 43 people.

ISIS is abducting Syrians.


Erdogan reveals Turkey’s intention to offer citizenship to Syrian refugees.

Refugees swim in the polluted water of Piraeus to escape the heat. Photo Credit: Aggelos Barai


Over 15,000 refugees in Greece have received their temporary residency cards.

Food remains inadequate in the camps.

Food portions at Mazaraki military camps in Cherso, Greece.

Call for volunteers to Ellinikon warehouse

Refugees about life in camps

Refugees about living conditions in camps. Photo by Amanda Grady


Turkey is refusing to take back refugees who cross into Bulgaria.


Refugee minors are endangered by smugglers.


A message from a Migszol regarding the trials of protesting refugees.

For all the volunteers heading toward Kelebija or Horgos

The Mediterranean

16 people have drowned today, 578 were saved and taken to Sicily, according to MSF.

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