AYS Daily Digest 9/5/17: Large-scale evacuations of makeshift camps

Hunger strike and evacuation in Belgrade / IOM reports from the sea / Pre-departure centre to be opened on Chios / 77% more people deported from Austria this year comparing to 2016 / Permanent Centres for Repatriation in Italy / Evacuation at the Porte de La Chapelle in Paris

Belgrade, photo by Ruhi Loren Akhtar


Photo: Info Park


49,310 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017 through 7 May, with the vast majority arriving in Italy and the rest in Greece, Cyprus and Spain, IOM reported.


Family reunification transfers Greece-Germany limited

The Greek Asylum Service told the Mobile Info Team that the Interior Ministry of Germany has ordered Greece to only allow 70 people monthly to fly from Greece to Germany through “Dublin” family reunification. This is supposedly because Germany claims to be unable to handle a larger number of applicants. At the moment around 300 people per months are waiting to be transfered to Germany.

Preparing for deportation to poor conditions in Turkey

Building of a new, so called pre-departure centre on Chios has been announced and its exact location will be determined by May 20, according to the officials. The pre-departure centers are places that house refugees who are returning to Turkey.


The ECHO Refugee Library team invite anyone able to join them and build some clever solutions inside their mobile library to send them a message. “Just a few days work before we prepare to bring the library to new locations around Athens.”


Almost 2300 have been deported from Austria so far in 2017, according to the Austrian sources. Compared to the 1300 in the same time in 2016 this is an increase of 77%. Further some 1450 people left voluntarily, what raises the total number of people who left/had to leave the country to 3750.


List of new Centres for Repatriation

The list includes the places where the Permanent Centres for Repatriation will be set, substituting the CIE. All together, these locations should host 1,100 people in the next few months; at the moment, Veneto, Liguria and Tuscany are excluded from this plan, but they will have to locate a place where to host at least 100 people each region. Tomorrow, the municipalities will have to do the same.

Centres by region:

Lombardia: Caserma di Montichiari;
Friuli Venezia Giulia: il centro di Gradisca d’Isonzo;
Piemonte: il vecchio Cie di Torino;
Lazio: il Cie Ponte Galeria, a Roma;
Campania: Caserma Andolfato di Santa Maria Capua Vetere;
Basilicata: Palazzo San Gervaso;
Sardegna: il carcere dismesso di Iglesias;
Sicilia: il Cie di Caltanissetta;
Emilia-Romagna: il Cie di Modena;
Puglia: il Cie di Bari Palese;
Calabria: struttura Mormanno.

Accommodating those saved from the sea

This morning, 991 people arrived at Molo Manfredi in Salerno carried by Siem Pilot. Among them, 701 men, 118 women (some of them at their ninth month of pregnancy) and 172 minors. The ship carried also the corpse of a child (under 3 years of age). It’s the first time in 17 landings on Salerno’s shores.

IOM chart displays that Nigeria, as was the case last year, represents the largest single nationality of migrants arriving in Italy, followed by Bangladesh, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and Gambia


Evacuation in the north of Paris

Around a thousand of refugees staying in makeshift camps at the Porte de La Chapelle area of Paris are being evacuated.

Photo: Faty Tiah
Photos: Faty Tiah

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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