Data has confirmed that the numbers of refugees coming to Europe has increased. EU to pay staggering 62 billion euros to countries in the Middle East and Africa for them to halt the migration. European Court of Justice says EU rules prevent the imprisonment of refugees crossing into the Schengen area while new arrivals in Crete are being held in a closed off detention center.There has been a fire in Souda camp in Chios, as well as dire condition and fear of more violence in Moria detention center in Lesbos. Two Syrian refugees are in danger of being sent to Turkey from Greece via failed EU-Turkey deal. There have been no relocations of unaccompanied minors in almost two months. New arrivals in Sicily. Roma have self-organized a center for migrants, Baobab is being evicted. Fires in the refugee accommodation in Sardinia and in a camp in Dusseldorf.

Eviction of self-organized center for migrants in Rome. Photo Credit: Baobab Experience


An increased number of refugees are crossing via Bulgaria or arriving in Crete.

The EU is trying to halt migration by bribing the world into compliance.


Russia pledges support to Assad in recapturing Aleppo.


Where have the refugees gone after the eviction of Idomeni? Photo credit: Ignacio Marin.

Refugees arriving in Crete are reportedly being stripped of their right to seek asylum.

No food, no sleep, no rest for refugees in Chios.

Fire in Souda camp. Golden Dawn waiting for those trying to escape the camp.

Two Syrian refugees are in danger of being returned to Turkey under the provisions of the EU-Turkey deal.

Detention center in Lesvos — breeding ground for frustration and violence

No new relocations for unaccompanied minors in almost two months.

It’s Ramadan and refugees cannot celebrate like they’re supposed to.

Desperate refugees trying to earn money by selling their bodies in Greek cities for little as 2 euros.


Attack by fire in Sardinia.

Eviction of Baobab center in Rome


UNHCR is calling for an investigation into the death in the Tisa river as well as allegations that Hungarian policemen are pushing migrants to the river.


Bulgaria needs migrants even if it doesn’t want them.



If in the UK — know your bible

Grand facades — Calais. In the overcrowded Calais ‘Jungle’, waiting for news on filed asylum claims, many people are painting their shelters to brighten up the environment, advertise their businesses, and to affirm their determination to make it across to the UK. Photo Credit: Doctors Without Borders.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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