AYS DAILY DIGEST — Another big refugee wave in the Balkans region

While the so-called Balkan Route remains officially closed, more people are finding their way across the Balkans. More people are in Bulgaria as well as Serbia. In Belgrade, volunteers are asking for help while exhausted and dehydrated people are arriving in significant numbers. At the same time, Austria’s right wing politician suggests that the EUshould keep refugees offshore rather than allow them on to the continent. Meanwhile, no signs of peace in Syria.

Youngest members of Porin sports group, coached by Marko Deša of AYS

Feature Story

Ramazan Mubarek/رمضان كريم/Ramadan Kareem


New casualties in Aleppo


The end of the EU-Turkey deal?


Open assembly and free education at City Plaza in Athens

Reusable cups and tea for all at Kara Tepe

Photo by HSA

New strikes in Greece

Pre-registration delay

Weather Report

East Aegean weather reports for potential passengers and volunteers. A collaboration between @SAO and United Rescue Aid.


Up to 5,000 refugees tried to enter Bulgaria this year


Help needed in Miksaliste

Photo by Misaliste, Belgrade


Sport groups organized in Porin

AYS vs Porin wolleyball tournament


Austrian proposal to keep refugees away


Ai Weiwei in the Museum of Cyclaid Art


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