AYS DAILY DIGEST — Refugees afraid for their security in camps

Increase number of incidents are reported in camps around Greece. Refugees are asking protection and safety. Today’s riots in Souda camp are just one of the examples. Relocation from Hara soon to began. Volunteers are needed in Subotica, again. As war in Syria, Sudan and Iraq, again, is raging, more refugees are running away from their homes looking for peace. The children drown in Euphrates River while trying to escape war.

Photo by Proactiva

Weather Forecast for Tuesday 7 June and Wednesday 8 June

WAVE WARNING! Waves: Swells up to 1.1+ meters on Mid-Mediterranean route. Waves moving generally Westward both days. Leaving Tripoli area, waves will be on your right. Winds: Variable, between 5 and 15 kph, gusts up to 25 kph, blowing Westward both days.
SEA SAFETY: Waves over 0.5 meters are considered dangerous///LESVOS & ISLANDS: Lesvos & nearby Turkish coast, mostly sunny Tuesday through Wednesday, temperatures from 18C / 27C. WAVES: RISING FROM 0.1+ TO 0.9+ METERS TUESDAY INTO WEDNESDAY. Waves: Moving mostly Southward. Leaving from Turkish coast of Canakkale to Lesvos, waves at your back both days. Leaving from the west coast of Turkey to the Greek islands, waves at your right both days. Winds: Increasing from 6 kph overnight Tuesday to 41 Wednesday evening, gusts up to 60 kph, blowing mostly Southward both days.
Further north in the Balkans, Tuesday through Wednesday, mostly sunny, a few showers in Serbia and Croatia. Low 11C Šentilj, Slovenia, high 26C FYROM-Serbia border.


Dangerous road from Fallujah


17 new arrivals to Lesvos

Photo by Proactiva

Riots and fire in Souda camp

Photo by volunteers in Chios

Moria — security concerns

Relocation from Hara to began soon

Photo by Northern Light Aid

Pre-registration to start at mainland

Information for volunteers

Refugee Info Bus

Photo by Refugee Info Bus

Open Cultural Center at Lavrion

Photo by OCC team

Strike in state hospitals announced


Serbia is a transit point for refugees

Call for volunteers in Subotica

Photo by IHo


Refugees are continue to flee from southern Sudan

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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