AYS DAILY DIGEST: The deadliest week in the Mediterranean for more than a year

Over 700 discovered bodies in Mediterranean last week. The Mediterranean route is open again. The refugee camp in Idomeni does not exist anymore, and the last volunteers left today. Female Friendly Space opened in Ritsona camp. Bulgaria arrested 96 people who were trying to cross the border and deployed the army at the border with Greece.

Idomeni, Photo by Phoepe Ramsey

Good weather in front of us. According to the forecast made in a collaboration between Sao and United Rescue Aid, wind force on Monday will be 2–3Bf (low-medium). Wind direction is SouthEast-East. Waves: 0.5m. Very humid, thin clouds. //+24 Hours: Temperature: 19–29°C.

FEATURE STORY: Mediterranean Route is Active Again.

Photo by MSF


Idomeni’s story is over.

Female Friendly Space in Ritsona.

Photo by Lighthouse Relife
Photo by Lighthouse Relife

Volunteers needed in Lesvos.


Army deployed at the border with Greece.


Cemetery for Refugees in Calabria.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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