AYS Daily News Digest 02/01: Hundreds saved in freezing seas at the start of 2017

Syrian truce broken|Hundreds saved in the Mediterranean|1443 unaccompanied children are on a waiting list for shelter in Greece|Asylum seekers attacked in Croatia on New Year’s eve|France deports Sudanese, evicts refugees who are 2 weeks in line to spend a night at a shelter |Swedish fast lane asylum solving |Guterres in a tough mission to restore trust in the UN

Photo by Proactiva

Weather forecast — warning!

Source: Meteociel


Ceasefire breaches break trust in the truce agreement

Official statement on the situation in Wadi Barada that was released by Syrian civil society groups


Photo: MSF Sea (Twitter)


Arrivals & registrations

Banners in Souda Camp on Chios


spices shelf of the Soul Food Kitchen (Photo: Ulrike Kabosch, Graz:Spendenkonvoi)
Vagiochori camp (Photo: Ulrike Kabosch)
Photos: Team Bananas


Free clothes distribution

The former Athens airport at Elliniko that had become a makeshift camp accommodating about 5,000 refugees should be removed as soon as the planned new hospitality structures are finished, Greek minister Mouzalas said.

Statistical data of the number of refugee children in Greece, infographics by Government of Greece &UN Children’s Fund
infographics by Government of Greece &UN Children’s Fund


“Macedonia with Love for Aleppo”


48 Iraqis found in a truck transporting chocolate


On the first days of the year the sun brought many of the refugees, residents of the abandoned sold warehouses, out to enjoy a bit of much needed warmth. Some spent time together playing cricket. (Photo: Refugee’s Anthem)
showering in the winter sun (Photo: Refugee’s Anthem)


Asylum seekers beaten up on New Year’s eve

some of the injuries (Photos: Sara Benceković, AYS)
Protest in front of the reception centre Porin


Sports equipment donations needed

A gesture of solidarity at the start of the year in Ventimiglia

“there is nothing to toast for if it is not solidarity, a world without borders, the fight to tear them down and the joy of doing it every day.” (Photo: Progetto20k)



Paris — police evicting open spaces

Paris Photos: Agathe Nadimi

Two new deportations scheduled for Sudan


Information for the Afghan refugees in Germany

French support to the German refugee policy


Sweden accepts 77% of the asylum claims processed in 2016

No one wins these wars — everyone loses

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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