AYS Daily News Digest 06.04.2017: Shocking Oxfam report details violent mistreatment of refugees on Balkan route

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A refugee family being detained in Hungary in autumn 2015. Little has changed. Photo Credit: Bernadett Szabo


IMPORTANT: please warn refugees to not ride atop trains. It is very dangerous and could easily result in serious injury or death


Autopsies confirm that Idlib attack was carried out with chemical weapons

Billions of dollars pledged to UN to provide vital humanitarian aid in Syria


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The people of Souda. Photo Credit: Alkiem Abdullah

Refugees in Souda refuse food after last night’s meals made them sick

UNHCR launches new page to help refugees navigate the asylum process

At least 84 deported to Turkey

Hope Cafe in Athens publishes list of needed goods

Movement on the Ground seeks long term volunteers

Attika Warehouse on Lesvos publishes list of needed items


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Asylum seekers on their way to get breakfast.

Refugee Info provides useful information on NGO-run cash assistance programs

Afghan refugee photographer in Serbia starts fundraiser to buy laptop


Hungarian interior minister defends detainment of asylum seekers in shipping containers

Foster parents for unaccompanied children needed


Germany works to annul child marriages of refugees within their borders

Phone line opens for victims of trauma


Refugee Rights Data Project seeks funding for their documentation

Refugee Youth Service in Calais is in need of donations!


Six refugees rescued aboard a sinking vessel in the English Channel


Italian Interior Ministry releases new numbers on refugee arrivals to Italy

New organization to promote integration of refugees formed in southern Tuscany

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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