250 injured in Idomeni as a result of a clash that came in the aftermath of a rumor about the borders opening. Balkan Route to remain closed in the forseeable future.

Photo from today’s protest in Idomeni. Photographer: Nadina Malicebegovic.


Spokesman condemns the violent means used to push back refugees.

Today, there are 53,034 refugees stranded in Greece.

Refugees stranded in Greece continue to live in deplorable conditions.

AYS strongly discourages attempting a crossing under present conditions.

Protests also happened in Lesvos and Koutsochero.

Refugees in Moria protest immobility and insufficient food.

Koutsochero residents plagued by snakes, irregular electricity, and water, lack of doctors.

Warehouse in Alexandria stocked with donated goods.

There is to be a new camp to open for Yazidi refugees.

Idomeni residents given more secure access to internet.

No Border Kitchen continues its valuable work. Refugees on Lesvos being pressured to register at Moria.

Ai Weiwei exhibition of art inspired by the plight of the refugees is coming to Athens.


Border patrol volunteers honored by police.


Refugees continue to make their way into Serbia.


Authorities pressured to provide better living conditions.



The British Home Office sanctioned hacking into asylum seekers’ phones and computers.


Osama Abdul Mohsen, whose story captivated the world after a video surfaced of him and his son being tripped and kicked by a Hungarian journalist, reports that Spain refuses to grant visas to his wife and daughter.

AYS News

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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