AYS 10/7: Chauvinism rears its ugly head in Greece once more, part of a long series of attacks against the vulnerable.

Today’s clashes on Cherso in Mazaraki Camp took place between Arab and Kurdish refugees, after a group of Arabs said yesterday that they will kill Kurds. The situation looks quite grave and it is likely that the solution will be similar to the one applied to the Yazidis, who were relocated after being attacked in the same camp on Thursday. Such tensions are greatly exacerbated owing to poor living conditions.


Journalist in Syria was targeted by the regime, according to her family.

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Marie Colvin in Tahrir Square in 2012. Photographer: Ivor Prickett


Aftermath of a Turkish man’s death sparks outrage.


Another big fight broke out on Cherso today, this time provoked by anti-Kurdish racism.

Volunteers be advised: there will be a power outage in Athens and Attica tomorrow!

A family is in desperate need of help after losing everything to smugglers.

Solar power harnessed to allow refugees to charge their phones.

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Serbia continues to serve as a gateway who risk everything to come to Europe.

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Photo from Mikaliste today.

Miksalište continues to be a vital resource for refugees in Belgrade.


Receiving asylum in the Croatia remains difficult.

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An Iftar dinner in Kutina Camp in Croatia. Picture Credit: Merahmet


The German parliament passed an integration bill making study of German mandatory.

The man behind the EU-Turkey deal.


The UK has not lived up to its promise of welcoming unaccompanied refugee children.

Hosts are urgently needed in the UK to house refugees!

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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