A report published by three MEPs shows hundreds of non-Syrian refugees held in Turkish detention centres have not been given the right to seek asylum in Greece or Turkey, are not allowed access to legal services/aid and are held in prison-like conditions. The report also reports on push-backs to Turkey by both Bulgarian and Greek police. The new ““Volunteers Needed Digest” matches volunteers with organizations in Greece. Volunteers and donations urgently needed in Calais.

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Women waiting in line at the Idomeni refugee camp. Photo credit: Aida Kristina Ničija


people have beeen rescued off the Lybian coast by SOS SOS Méditerranée and Seawatch, including 40 minors.

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Photo Credit: SOS Méditerranée


people killed by car bombs in Baghdad.

93 people were killed and at least 165 injured by three separate car bombs in Baghdad, including one in a crowded outdoor market. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the bombings.


Report shows refugees deported to Turkey are not able to claim asylum and have not been able to do so in Greece.

Three MEPs publish a report that shows non-Syrian refugees are being deported to Turkey without being able to claim asylum in either Greece or Turkey. They are also not able to access legal services and are held in prison-like conditions. The MEPs report refugees are being pushed back to Turkey by Greek and Bulgarian police forces, adding “all refugees interviewed told us they were not given the opportunity to ask for asylum, neither in Greece nor in Turkey. All said they did not know what will happen to them, and had received no information since they had arrived in Turkey.” The report is available here.


Warning: Strong waves and thunderstorms expected around Greek islands and thunderstorms expected in Idomeni. For more information please follow the link.

New guide on how to prepare for asylum interviews.

A new guide on how to prepare for asylum interviews in Greece is available here. It also includes a directory of free legal aid NGOs in Greece.

The guide has been written mainly for the hotspot system that is being implemented in Lesvos and Chios, but should be applicable to asylum procedures in mainland Greece. The hotspot system includes separate admissibility and substantive interviews, while refugees on the mainland who registered before the 20th of March will probably get a single interview.

Tool to identify persons with special needs.

The European Asylum Support Office offers a tool to identify persons with special needs and shows how to provide them with support throughout asylum procedures.

Matching volunteers with organizations.

The new weekly “Volunteers Needed Digest” starts today and includes volunteer opportunities throughout Greece. If you are looking to volunteer in Greece, simply scroll through this page to find organizations that need help.

If you are an organization looking for volunteers, simply fill out this form to be included in the digest.

Funds needed for a school van in Athens

The Syrian Solidarity House in Athens is in need of funds to buy a van that would take 26 children to a multicultural school in Gazi. For now, the organization has to spend a lot of money on taxis. The organization found a great van for €3800 and already has €2500, so it only needs an additional €1300.

The van will not only be used for the school, but also for medical care and to transport supplies.

You can contact Barbara Papadopoulou or Renata Daoud on Facebook if you have funds or ideas on how to raise funds.

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Syrian kids going to school in Athens. Photo Credit:

Pireas needs medical donations.

You can drop off medical donations at the medical room in E1 and at the social pharmacy of Pireas (landline: +30 210 41 29 939). Medical needs include:

- candies for the throat

- amoxil 500–1000 cgr

- augmentin 625–1000 cgr

- panadol Cold-flu

- otrivin spray, drops adultes

- synalar oric

- pyralvex

- daktarin oral gel

- daktarin cream

- bepanthol cream

- fucidin cream

- betnovate cream

- voltaren tablets 50, 75, 100

- brufen tablets 200, 400, 600

- pregnancy tests

- elastic orthopedic bandages

- pills for gastroprotection

- baby powders

- baby bottles

- sunscreens

shampoo and lotions against head lice

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Photo credit: Andre Naddeo

refugees tried to swim from Chios back to Turkey.

Since Monday, five Moroccans and one Algerian have tried to swim 15km across the Aegean Sea in order to reach Turkey and try joining Europe via another route. A coastguard said “the plan is absurd and extremely dangerous”, adding only very experienced swimmers would be able to survive the crossing.

Workshop on legal issue in Lesvos.

The Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) invites volunteers in Lesvos to join a workshop on legal issues in providing help to refugees. The workshop takes place in Kipos Garden (behind the town hall) this Friday at 7:30 pm. Please send an e-mail to felix@ercintl.org with your name, organization and the legal topic you are interested in.

kids are being vaccinated in Idomeni.

MSF has started its mass vaccination campaign today and will vaccinate 4000 kids aged from 6 weeks to 15 years who have been living at Idomeni for weeks, protecting them from ten different diseases.


Udine association asks municipality to allow refugees to use public transportation for free.

The Association “Ospiti in arrivo” says this measure will save refugees 50 minutes walking from their refugee centre to the city centre. Meanwhile, the group is collecting donations to provide transportation themselves.

Migrants protest against living conditions in ex-military base of Cona.

Migrants tried to block the road to the city centre and forced a photographer to enter the building to document their living conditions, as the building is equipped with only a few dozen beds despite 200 to 300 people living there.


Playground4Refugees is looking to build a playground in the Dunkirk refugee camp

The group needs one or two building professionals to help them for the whole duration of the project — they are also looking for other people with building experience to help them along the way. Once a team is ready, Playground4Refugees will be able to help with transportation and accommodation. You can contact them at sara@tribelab.org and support them with donations under https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/playground4refugees.

Calais Kitchen unable to operate because of lack of donations

The “Belgium Kitchen” in Calais will be closed for three days as it tries to restock food.
The group is asking for donations so that they can continue to cook food.

You can transfer donations onto their bank account: BE71 7506 7226 9069
You can also bring food donations including red beans, onions, potatoes, peas, carrots, long basmati rice, garlic, lemons, bread, ginger to their address in Belgium (Chaussée de Gand 256 Brussels) or directly to their kitchen in the Jungle.


Volunteers needed today at 6PM

A huge arctic load of wood has been donated to build shelters in the Calais Camp. The wood needs to be loaded onto a truck today at 6PM in 1 Manette Street, London W1D 4AS (A side street off Charing Cross Road). Please write a message on Facebook to Micaela Stolarska‎ if you can make it.

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