AYS Daily News Digest 12/06: Where are refugees now?


UNHCR changing aid strategies to reflect current refugee needs


A huge massacre in the city of Idlib

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Idlib is burning. Credits: Abdullateef Khaled
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50 people, including children, were killed today in Idlib. Credits: Abdullateef Khaled

Map of Syrian civil war


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Credits: Liveuamap


EKO Gas station in Polykastro is to be evicted soon

Call for support by No Border Kitchen Lesvos in Mytilini, Lesvos

Students from the University of Edinburgh have developed a solar-charging station for refugees

The station powers 3600 phones per month (120 per day). They have already installed two permanent mobile-charging stations in the Kara Tepe camp in Lesvos and Malakasa, outside of Athens and have 3 more solar-chargers in production!

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Elpis project. Credits: Sam Cortese

Preregistration has started in Oreokastro and Elliniko

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The pre-registration bracelet. Credits: Moving Europe

UNHCR has published a fact sheet about their work in Greece for the period of 1 January — 31 May 2016

Five-member AYS team has arrived to Northern Greece

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Credits: AYS

Refugees are paying smugglers to take them back home

Many refugees continue night-time excursions through razor-wire fences into Macedonia, only to be beaten and returned

There are still 1500 refugees at the port of Pireaus


Last night 60 people got off at the port of Mythimnas, who were picked up by a Coast Guard boat. Today, a boat with 35 people reached Skala Sykamnias, while at the same time in the open sea of Mytilene, a Coast Guard boat located a boat with 13 refugees and migrants.


A consolidated effort of Hungarian authorities to limit the number of asylum-seekers entering the country

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Refugees stranded at Sebian-Hungarian border. Credits: The Hungarian Helsinki Committee


Asylum seekers returned from Slovenia to Croatia against their will


More than 3,000 refugees were rescued at sea in 72 hours, says Italian coast guard



Obama Is Bringing 100 Syrian Refugees Into US every day

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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