The Syrian people continues to face casualties in spite of the ceasefire. EU Parliament passes a symbolic resolution condemning current EU-Turkey deal, while simultaneously voting to allow intervention in EU countries not stringent enough in preventing refugees from flowing into Europe.

Refugees left stranded at Piraeus port, near Athens. Photographer: Savvas Karmaniolas.


instances of ceasefire violations have been reported so far this week, resulting in deaths and casualties, showing that so-called safe zones remain unsafe.

Impeding freedom of movement by establishing “safe zones” on the Turkish-Syrian border constitutes a possible violation of international law

IOM director calls on promises of aid to Syria to be fulfilled


Wage thieves are taking advantage of refugees forced to work illegally in Turkey


72 “irregular migrants” deported to Turkey.

17 volunteers arrested in Idomeni today, all but one have been released

Unease spreads in Idomeni as clashes happen among refugees

Greek government continues evacuation efforts of Piraeus port

500 refugees transferred from Idomeni

382 refugees refuse to move to Koutsochera

Warehouses are in desperate need of organizing.

Volunteers needed in Polykastro warehouse

Advice for refugees in Greece who have been victims of torture

Greece to begin new round of processing asylum applications


Plans made to impede movement into Macedonia


Footage shows armed vigilantes tying up refugees, telling them to return to Turkey


A call to action


Children spend their last day in Slavonski Brod camp playing . Photographer: Gabriela Banic

Slavonski Brod Camp scheduled to close tomorrow morning


2154 refugees rescued in the Mediterranean Sea today in 17 operations


30 reports of war crimes reported to the German criminal police (BKA) by refugee newcomers per day


250 meter long fence being built on the Italian border based on fears in light of the closing of the Balkans route.


EU Parliament declares the Union’s right to intervene if a state “persistently failed to protect the bloc’s external boundaries”

95 thousand lone children submitted applications for asylum in the EU in 2015, quadrupling 2014’s figures.

The EU Parliament passes symbolic resolution in favor of an alternative set of policies to replace the EU-Turkey deal

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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