AYS Daily News Digest 13/01: Officials don’t mind a person freezing if they’re ‘not in the system’

193 people saved from the sea | New returns from Greece to Turkey | Slow transfer of refugees from the islands to the mainland | Info on healthcare in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia | Serbia’s refugees who are “out of the system” officially ignored | Hungary’s opposition demands humane treatment for refugees | Changes in Austria | Unaccompanied minor in France dies of heart attack

Serbia, January 2017. Photo: Art Against
“No discussion on the general balance of power between countries of the worls, and no argument about the political and economic difficulties that come with aid to refugees can justify states abandoning those human beings at the gates of death.” — Michel Foucault on refugees, an interview from 1979.


Photo credit: Anthony Jean, SOS Méditerranée


New returns from Greece to Turkey


Lesvos — Mohamad A, a refugee held in detention while awaiting to be deported to Turkey on Saturday, has been on a hunger strike for 31 day.

Amnesty: Refugees Held Hostage by Failed EU Policy

’People are at imminent risk of freezing to death because European leaders are failing to help them… they are stuck in legal limbo and unable to leave the detention camps… effectively being held hostage by cruel and dysfunctional EU policies.“

Efi Latsoudi from Lesvos Solidarity
Screenshot source: Greek Reporter


Important ! Scabies — control and prevention

New information point in Athens

Upcoming film projection on the topic of LGBTI refugees and the challenges they face

Information for refugees






Serbian authorities unwilling to help refugees who are ‘not in the system’

In The Loop, a weekly refugee feedback review by Internews


Hungarian opposition demanding more humane conditions for the refugees


Could Austria cut asylum numbers by half?


A young Sudanese died of a heart attack

Refugee boys upon their arrival to the welcome place in Ameugny, with members of the two Communities, Orsi and the volunteers (Photo: Taizé)

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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