AYS DAILY NEWS DIGEST 13/03/17 — Red Cross shamelessly prompts raids on refugee-run squats in Athens


A refugee in custody sent this picture to volunteers.
Photo Credit: NoBorders


Syrian doctor killed in regime airstrike


Turkish nationals seeking political asylum to go to court on Thursday

Rumors+Answers releases an edition covering healthcare in Greece

Thought-provoking book of photojournalism and prose goes on sale to benefit Khora

International protection appointments system revamped



Residents of Vinojug camp in Gevgelija relocated


A refugee dwelling in Belgrade. Photo Credit: Matt Frank


Three refugees arrested attempting to enter Bosnia


People protest the Austrian government’s decision to deport an unknown number of Afghan refugees. Photo Credit: Hans Breuer

The Austrian government has deported an unknown number of people to Afghanistan


Refugee attempting to reach the UK sustains head trauma, is killed

France to agree to take 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees

Calais organization reports on the continued interference of authorities into the affairs of refugees as well as to stifle aid. Donations are needed.


IOM publishes report on refugee flows into Europe

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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