Germany plans to punish refugees for not assimilating into society thoroughly enough. Additional deportations of refugees from Greece to Turkey are being undertaken in the next few days. Meanwhile, 6000 refugees have made their way into Sicily since Monday by crossing the Mediterranean. Traffic on the Mediterranean is expected to increase in the near future.

The newest wave of people uprooted by ISIS amasses at the Turkish border. Photographer: Andalou Agency


Thousands uprooted after Islamic State attack, forced to flee northern Syria.


Lebanese NGO requests more volunteers in Bekaa Valley.




Greek military exercises are inducing fear in refugees fleeing war zones. Photographer: www.twitter.com/HasanniFM

Greek military exercises to commence in Idomeni and Oinouses, promoting fear and concern among refugees.

Application for Asylum and EU relocation explained amidst incorrect rumors.

“Free the volunteers in Idomeni!! Love from Lebanon”. Photographer Martin Kvernbekk.

Two arrested at Idomeni border for alleged clash with FYROM police.

Appalling lack of resources distributed for infants at Vial, resulting in shortages of baby formula and diapers. Lack of official planning necessitates NGO alleviation of the situation.

Continued relief efforts by FILIPIAADA.

Volunteers needed for various tasks in School Box Project.


Press conference took place in Skopje to promote publication for students concerning the refugee crisis.




Polish deputy foreign minister comments on failure of plan to relocate migrants across EU.

A man being rescued in a helicopter operation in the Mediterranean. Image source: Deutsche Welle



Germany agrees on carrot-and-stick methods to integrate migrants through subsidized courses, penalizing those who do not comply with integration.

22369 deported from Germany in 2015, a steep increase from 2014. Voluntary repatriation also rising significantly.


UK government condemned by multiple organisations for failing to provide more assistance in refugee crisis.


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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