Greece refuses to provide asylum for a refugee based on the claim that “Turkey is a safe third country”. Greek authorities perform clean ups of overcrowded camps ahead of Pope Francis’s scheduled visit. Statistics show that there are currently 70,000 unaccompanied refugee minors in Germany, 6,000 of whom continue to remain missing. There have been an additional 3,000 arrivals in Sicily over the last three days.


Greek authorities are refusing to provide international protection based on the presumption that Turkey is a safe country.

Photo: Vounteer to AYS — Document issued by the Greek authorities (Regional Asylum Office of Lesvos) stating the inadmissibility for international protection to an individual’s claim based on presuming Turkey is a Safe Third Country.

Seemingly no arrivals in Lesvos today.

Authorities rush to clean up overcrowded Moria camp in preparation for Pope Francis’s visit.

Lesvos mayor wants to turn the site of a volunteer-run into a holiday resort.

Family of sick child forced to sleep on the street after the hospital was unable to accommodate them.

Donations are needed in a Yazidi-majority camp!

Volunteers are needed in the newly-opened Alexandria Camp.

Nea Chrani makes a call for medical volunteers.

Volunteer groups in Idomeni release a statement after a spate of arrests.

Volunteers in Idomeni have set up a school for refugee children.

Photo credit: Marielle Schilder — Syrian art in Idomeni, Greece, created by Wisam Mdw



Refugees remain stranded on the Serbian-Hungarian border.

Hundreds of refugees are making their way into Belgrade daily.

Police performed a raid on a house where several undocumented refugees have lived for months.


Slavonski Brod camp was closed today.

A family from Afghanistan has been deported from Austria.


Austrian president rebukes “misleading” rumors of a border closure with Italy.


Italian Prime Minister seeks EU coordination to prevent large scale departures from Libya.


70 thousand unaccompanied minor refugees are living in Germany. 6000 remain missing.


Donations are severely needed to help feed refugees in Paris.


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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