More photos show extent of damage to UNESCO World Heritage Site. Erdogan criticizes European powers’ ‘slavery-and-colonial-era mindsets’ towards refugees. New detainment camp in Kos urgently lacks proper medical care. Calls for help for Ritsona as camp suffers extreme water shortage. Elleniko Baseball Camp is a looming humanitarian disaster as summer approaches. Macedonia turns back over 11,000 refugees since beginning of March. Grassroots humanitarian organizations in Serbia build support. Calais receives much-needed aid.

Waiting in Idomeni PHOTO: Nima Yaghmaei


More photos show extent of damage to UNESCO World Heritage Site

PHOTO: Shannon Steiner
PHOTO: Shannon Steiner


Erdogan blasts European powers’ ‘slavery-and-colonial-era mindsets,’ saying they show more sympathy towards marine life than Syrians


No photographers allowed in Moria?

Moria PHOTO: Nikolas Georgiou

No new arrivals were reported by volunteers on Lesvos.

Moria Detention Facility. PHOTO: Nikolas Georgiou

250–300 People trapped in New Detention Facility in Kos: “It’s all army here”

“The hotspot is locked,” a refugee that was transferred yesterday from Chios to Kos says. “We are between 250 and 300 persons, with children. Our situation is bad, nobody here asked about what we need. Today two persons went to hospital in an emergency. One of them the doctor gave the wrong medicine. All the children were sick and nobody cared.”

Children at Ritsona Learn Greek. PHOTO: I Am You

New volunteer opportunities in Athens

Unprotected Elleniko Baseball Camp a disaster waiting to happen

Volunteers advise that all concerned push for relocation to an actually safe camp.

Idomeni. PHOTO: Nima Yaghmaei

Volunteers report critical water shortage at Ritsona Camp

Idomeni Food Distribution. PHOTO: Nima Yaghmaei
Blanket Swap Event, Ritsona PHOTO: Lighthouse Relief

3000 and counting children vaccinated by MSF in Idomeni

Post Vaccination. Photo Credit: MSF_Sea

Volunteers wanted for mobile refugee clinic

Idomeni Cultural Day Art Project PHOTO: Tamás Zoltán Szüts


Over 11,000 Refugees caught and sent back to Greece from Macedonia


Serbia arrests four alleged smugglers while aid organizations strengthen and rebuild.

An attendee gets his name written in Arabic PHOTO: Refugee Aid Serbia


AYS volunteers take refugees to the public dentist in Zagreb

Post Art Activity Wash-Up, Idomeni. PHOTO: Tamás Zoltán Szüts


Refugee Crisis Foundation brings desperately-needed aid to Calais

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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