AYS DAILY NEWS DIGEST 16/3: Where there is stagnation, there is escalation.

Stagnation and misery in Serbia. News on Iranian policy for refugees. Children resorting to self-harm and drug abuse in Greece as refugees are penned behind bars. A child of 13 years beaten by Hungarian police. Another life lost to policy in Italy. Practical ways to push back against toxic political policy. 1.2 million Asylum Applications in EU in 2016. UK charity needs hosts urgently!

Adasevci Camp, Photo Credit Angel Haba Coco

FEATURE: Serbia, where stagnation escalates into despair.

Belgrade and all of Serbia continues to be a heartbreakingly stagnant stopping point for refugees. Below is a translated excerpt from a volunteer who recently arrived in Belgrade.

Adasevci camp, Photo Credit: Pomáháme lidem na útěku

In the words of one man in a camp — they have it better in the barracks.

Meanwhile in Belgrade, the BelgrAID warehouse is moving forward. Contact SoulWelders for more information.


Mixed assessments have emerged of Iran’s treatment of Afghan refugees. Although representatives from the UN have high praise for how Iran has treated its population of refugees from Afghanistan (a community that is now four decades old), others have more critical opinions. In particular, Human Rights Watch has criticized Iran for providing inadequate protection to these who fall through the cracks in the system. DW published an in-depth report on the current situation.


IOM has opened a family assistance programme center in Erbil, Iraq.
It supports family reunion procedures to Germany for Syrian and Iraqi nationals beginning in March.


A devastating situation is unfolding in Yemen, as hunger threatens 7 MILLION people! The two-year conflict has ended farming and blocked the import of aid into the country. The UN says it is one of the worst situations in the world and humanitarian agencies say they are reaching an irreversible point.

This is how it happens.


Kathimerini has reported that the majority of migrants that have recently crossed from Turkey to Greece islands are increasingly coming from Africa, specifically Algeria, Congo, Morocco, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. Additionally, an increasing percentage of migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh were reported. This change in demographics indicates the high possibility that the pull of the black market could become even stronger in the coming years, potentially putting hundreds of thousands of refugees coming for “economic reasons” at risk. Read more at NewsThatMoves.

Chios Photo Credit: Βασίλης Παχουνδάκης


Video testimony from a boy of 13 at the Serbian-Hungarian border, documented by Fresh Response.


More tragic news from Italy as another young man was lost to suicide in the wake of deportations, pushbacks, and lack of free movement. Baobab experience reports:

Rest in Peace, Maslax. Photo courtesy of Baobab Experience


Photo courtesy of AsyluminEurope.org


Refugees at Home has until the end of the week to find hosts for ten refugees! Please share information on this urgent need! Here is information on Refugees at Home from Help Refugees:

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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