Today, the body of a girl believed to be a 3-year-old Syrian refugee was found in a fisherman’s net in Turkey. Pope Francis visited Lesvos — volunteers asked for a condemnation of the EU-Turkey Deal. War refugees frightened by the military exercise in Idomeni attempted returning to the Port of Piraeus , but entrance denied. Switzerland is preparing to station tank battalions on its border with Italy. The European Court of Human Rights opened the case against Macedonia and Greece.


Body of a three year old Syrian girl found in fishermen’s net.

Syrian refugees are being exploited as seasonal agricultural workers by the Turkish landowners.

Help needed in Torbalı Camp in the face of possible expulsion by Turkish police.


There were today 53,670 refugees stranded in Greece.

Seemingly no arrivals in Lesvos.

Volunteers needed in Skala Sykamineas for cleaning effort!

Greek Defense Minister reports that Piraeus will be cleared of refugees by Easter.

Photo: Let’s Help Refugees in Europe — Syrian refugees reaction when they have heard a jet flying over Idomeni as part of a Greek military exercise.

Idomeni military exercises shock refugees into returning to Piraeus Port. Security at the port has increased, and pharmacy translators are needed.

Meet Rahaf, the refugee hamster living in the flower beds in on of the gates at Piraeus. Photographer: Erica Schroeder

Volunteers needed to distribute aid from Elliniko warehouse.

Random police arrests occurring at Idomeni, arbitrarily based on various belongings.

Idomeni volunteers needed to establish a dental clinic.


Volunteers report on trafficking in Macedonia.


Reported increase in refugees from Sri Lanka and Somalia.

Furniture needed for Belgrade squat.


Donations needed for publishing info guide for migrants. Tigrinya translators also sought.


Stricter laws on asylum in effect in Germany, granting only subsidiary protection for refugees not “personally persecuted” by war.


2000 Swiss soldiers on standby at Italian border. Austria planning to close its own border with Italy.


Hunger strike begun at Havenstraat last Tuesday. COA has reacted with increased repression and security measures.


Case opened against Greece, Macedonia in response to brutality at Idomeni.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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