AYS Daily News Digest 17/1: Massive negligence of minors and serious police abuse remain silently ignored

Accounts of police violence on borders surrounding Serbia pile up | Unknown number of unaccompanied minors in Croatia got lost |
New deaths of hypothermia Elliniko, neglect and despair of the refugees | New fascist attack in a school in Piraeus | France prepares for cold, police takes away warm covers of people | At least 219 people died in the first 2 weeks of 2017 while trying to cross the Mediterranean

Young refugees in Belgrade, Serbia, 2017. (Photo: John refugee)


Police violence

Rendőrség — Hungarian border

“Sigurnost i povjerenje” — Croatian border

A 14 year old refugee after coming back from the Serbian-Croatian border, where he was allegedly beaten up by the Croatian police (Photo: Legis)

Macedonia — Serbia

These young men were violently brought back from Serbia to Macedonia. One of them shows the marks of the hand injuried he suffered from earlier police beatings. (Photo: Legis)
This is a refugee boy who is staying in the outside makeshift camp in Belgrade who witnessed a number of beatings by the police, claiming that even previously Bulgarian police broke his arm. This is one of the recent photos after encountering the border police.


Croatia keeps ‘losing’ unaccompanied minors

How is it possible that dozens of refugee minors disappear from child care centres and everyone keeps quiet about it?


[Disclaimer] ”We have received the wrong refugees”

Centre for Peace Studies and the Initiative Welcome protested in front of the Croatian Parliament to warn of the new changes in the Aliens Act, that characterize helping foreigners during their stay, transit and illegal border crossing as a criminal offense. (Photo: CMS)


Elliniko — an illustration of the abandonment, despair and neglect of Refugees

Photo: AYS
Photo: AYS
Although this warehouse with plenty of clothes and other things prepared and shipped precisely for these people is just a walk away, it remains out of reach for the Elliniko residents… (Photo: AYS)

Many tensions, fears, dreams and unimaginable life stories lie in the abandoned site and in the hollow stadium areas.

Attack at the teachers, parents and children

Fashion workshop for children at Khora, Athens

Athens — supplies needed at the Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies


Source: IOM


Paris — Sleeping rough on -7? Call 115

The police had taken all of the bedding (provided by us and other aid groups) from a slightly sheltered sleeping area and put it out in rain…Please give what you can so that we can purchase waterproof Bivvy bags and keep up with the French authorities’ destruction (Photo: Paris Refugee Ground Support)

Belgians donate to UNHCR

What to expect if you are an applicant for internetional in an EU Member State?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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