“They are just pressuring us to go back to Syria and die there”. Testimonies of refugee living conditions in Turkey. Pilot refugee village being built in Turkey. Refugees in Lebanon suffering from many disease and are receiving minimal aid. Violence erupts in Samos. New volunteer-based transit points open for refugees passing through Serbia: Volunteers needed. Job assistance available for refugees in Germany.


Refugee medical aid urgently needed.

Nada (6) was born with 4 fingers webbed together on her right hand. She still needed support to get her last surgery done . Credits: Igor Kubat
Blindness is one of the most common war injuries. The reasons for the first boy’s blindness are unknown, while the second was shot in the head while in Syria around 3 years ago. Credits: Igor Kubat
Left: 15 years old, supported the family by working in a restaurant where he received 3rd degree burns on right leg and stomach and was then fired from his job. Right: 25 year old female with 3rd degree burns from a household diesel heater on her face and right arm. Wound became infected with the lack of medical attention. Credits: Igor Kubat


Rebuild the Future Now pilot project: Help build a village for refugees in Turkey.

Credits: GACA team

Educational activities for refugee children.

Credits: Kapilar
Credits: Kapilar
Credits: IIC
Credits: IIC
Credits: IIC

Syrians returned to Turkey under EU deal report being detained indefinitely in poor conditions and not being allowed to rejoin family members in Turkey.

Credits: Lefteris Pitarakis

Volunteers needed in Izmir.


Violence erupts in Samos as a direct result of failings in the EU/Turkey deal.

Credits: Calais Action

How refugees get by at Idomeni: Testimony from a volunteer’s first day.

The registration of asylum seekers residing in open reception facilities in the mainland will begin in the next few weeks.


New volunteer-based transit points open for refugees passing through Serbia.

Credits: Youth for Refugees

Urgent call for supporting refugees in Serbia.


JRS Croatia is hiring a social worker and project manager


Job assistance available for refugees in Germany.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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