AYS Daily News Digest 18/11: The world ignores one of Aleppo’s worst days; desperation in Greek camps

One of the most agonizing days for Aleppo: hospitals in East Aleppo close after the recent airstrikes; the city about to run out of food supplies soon / The aftermath of the fascist attacks on Chios; Already appalling conditions in camps across Greece worsening with winter / Smugglers cause more deaths in the Mediterranean



Photo: @SyriaCivilDef
Health directorate in Aleppo announced that all hospitals in east Aleppo are out of service, as a result of shelling and airstrikes.


6 people die as refugee boat capsizes in Aegean sea


The Chios attack aftermath

Molotov cocktails were also thrown from these positions above the Souda camp to the tents of the residents sleeping in tents (Photo on the right by: Humansnation)

European phenomena: Governments telling people how (not) to love their fellow human beings

Today, this is what the refuge provided to people who fled violence in their own countries looks like in Camp Souda, Chios. (Photo: Theurgia_Goetia — Twitter)

Cherso: Burning school benches as firewood to keep warm

Tent used for the Cultural Centre activities largely ruined (Photo: S. B.)
the only light inside the school is the daylight. Children have been doing self-organized activities in their spare time (Photos: S.B.)

A member of the EP stresses out the importance of protecting the women in camps


BHC demands Investigation into Treatment of Refugees


“Today’s pre-party before the launch of our new day centre tomorrow. Hot tea, free wifi and a safe space for families. Basic human comforts.” (Photo: Fresh Response)


100 people feared drowned in a canal close to Sicily

By: MSF Sea
Photo: MEDU — Medici per i Diritti Umani



Photo: PRSG

United Kingdom


Australia’s approach to migrants arriving by boat criticized by the UN

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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