AYS Daily News Digest 18/12: What happens to refugees caught smuggled through your country?

Syria — the evacuation deal slows down due to buses attack | Greece — new arrivals on Lesvos; “closed” camps opening announced | Serbia — lives saved after an attempt of illegal deportation; winter threatens refugees in Belgrade| Croatia — smuggled refugees in hospitals, what happens next? | Germany — rallies in support of the people of Aleppo; anti-welcoming attitude for Afghans

Facing the European denial — No wall or closed border will discourage a person from fleeing their home to save the lives of their children.


Buses set on fire, stalling the long awaited evacuation

Photo source: Kenan Rahmani



172,699 people arrived in Greece from Turkey this year.

“Closed” centres to be opened despite the opposition to the proposal

InterVolve — International Volunteers, one of the NGOs in mainland Greece providing an array of activities


7 people saved from certain death after an illegal deportation

Screenshot by Gordan Paunovic

Subotica — closing the day centre

Belgrade — more need for help as the winter draws in

The first real snow fall of the winter here in Belgrade. Barely equipped for autumn, it is unclear how these 1000+ people will handle winter.
Shoes are worth more than gold, jackets not far behind. Blankets, never sufficient.
With so many unaccompanied minors, young men and vunerable people- the same question we’ve been asking for months became more urgent today. Who will present a solution to this current humanitarian crisis, and when?
Until then we press on, and wait for the answer. — Refugee’s Anthem


AYS demands information and proper care for the smuggled refugees

“Formal closing of the borders did not close the ‘Balkan route’, but it rather pushed the victims of war, poverty and political persecution into the hands of smugglers passing through our country.” — from the AYS’ letter to the Ministry of The Interior


Photo credits: DPA

Selective welcoming


“Today, on #InternationalMigrantsDay, we want to highlight the extent of anti-migrant racism across Europe. Our EU map of anti-migrant incidents shows that we urgently need to record, report and resolve racist crimes targeting migrants and refugees.” — ENAR

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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