Afghan teenager dies in Elliniko camp due to a lack of medical care. Human Rights Watch reports on rushed, chaotic first round of deportations from Greece to Turkey, that violated rights of the deportees. Hungary limits access to transit zones. German politician warns of a “second Idomeni” at Brenner Pass. Milano prepares to receive a large number of refugees this summer. A parliamentary debate regarding unaccompanied minors occurs in France. the EU provides €83 million to improve conditions in Greek refugee camps.

A child sits near their mother in the camp of Chios. Photographer: Louisa Gouliamaki



Afghan teenager dies in intensive care at Laiko Hospital.

Infants detained in Chios continue to receive inadequate quantities of milk.

Volunteers needed at building E1.5 at Piraeus Port.

Individual at Chios expresses the misery of camp conditions.

Number of refugees crossing the Aegean significantly reduced after EU-Turkey deal implemented in late March.

Several aid agencies issue request to halt deportations and improve life in the camps, and maintain the integrity of the asylum process.

Greek lawyers prepare to volunteer at numerous camps. Rejected asylum claims on Greek islands risk deportation. EU promise to relocate 66400 refuges falls short.

Women’s clinic assembled in Eko camp by SAMS Global Response.

Photographer: Morten Heszlein-Lossius

Queen Rania to visit KaraTepe refugee camp.



Refugees in Serbian camps held for several days, remain stranded afterwards due to a lack of money. Miksaliste in urgent need of summer clothing.


Many stranded outside of Hungarian-Serbian transit zones due to denial of access.


Austria’s plans for border controls at Brenner threaten to create a second Idomeni, says politician Manfred Weber.


Via Sammartini refugee hub declared complete, utilities to be activated soon. Internet access is available.


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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