AYS Daily News Digest 21.04.2017: Fascists arrested following assaults at Souda Camp

60 deported to Turkey // Syrian refugees begin hunger strike in Moria // Timisoara Camp in Romania leaves refugees hungry // More refugees are sleeping on the streets of Paris // 150 children have drowned in the Mediterranean

The Souda Refugee Camp. Photo Credit: Louisa Gouliamaki




The Greek National Weather Agency has issued an extreme weather warning for this weekend. Strong winds and a large drop in temperature is to be expected. Stay safe!


60 refugees were deported to Turkey

Turkish refugee sentenced to three months in prison for illegal entry into Greece

11 Syrian Kurdish refugees have begun a hunger strike in Moria

Hope Project community center now open in Thessaloniki city center

Reminder for refugees waiting for family reunification: do not buy your own plane tickets!

The TruckShop project is a cause worth supporting


Romanian border camp leaves refugees starving

Pushbacks are reported


Following the closing of the Grand-Synthe camp, more are sleeping rough in Paris


UNICEF reports that 150 children have died since the beginning of the year

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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