AYS Daily News Digest 21/11: Refugees’ deaths in Serbia — a consequence of Europe’s ignoring the appalling conditions

Feature: Misery in Serbia, fear at the Hungarian border

A warning sign. (Photo: Emir Omanović, AYS)


Photo: Emir Osmanović, AYS
The circumstances in which people are currently living and waiting. (Photo: Emir Osmanović, AYS)

Two refugees died today in Serbia.

Photos: AYS

Harsh realities continue on the border

(L) Tents inside the former duty free shop; (R) communal cooking (Photos: Emir Omanović, AYS)
With the help of our Serbian colleagues, we managed to set up tents and provide a measure of safety and privacy to the most vulnerable people. (Photo: Emir Omanović, AYS)
A man prays in front of a provisional tent that has served as a home for way too long. (Photo: Emir Omanović)


490 Airstrikes targeted Aleppo city in the past 8 days, killing 300 civilians & injuring more than 820

UN Security Council: back your resolution!

“There is nothing subtle or complicated about the practice of besiegement. Civilians are being isolated, starved, bombed and denied medical attention and humanitarian assistance in order to force them to submit or flee,” U.N. aid chief Stephen O’Brien said to the Members of the Council, adding:
“Without strong backing from each of you, red lines will be crossed again and again; international humanitarian law will be trampled on; war crimes will be committed. And until there is action by you, there will be no accountability.”

“The aftermath of a barrel bomb attack carried out by Syrian regime choppers on eastern Aleppo today; the attack targeted a mosque in the Katerji district in which 3 people were killed.” (Photo: Rami Jarrah)




Souda residents’ protest sign.


Dozens of women and children sleeping on the streets in Chios for a third consecutive night. (Photo: Juliette Georgiades)
The situation in the majority of Greek camps keeps getting worse by the day. This is a video sent by refugees from Malakasa camp this morning while rains flooded their living space — the canvas tents where they have been staying for months.
Yazidis from Petra waiting for transportation, hopefully to a safer and healthier environment. (Photo: Tamás Zoltán Szüts)



Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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