AYS Daily Digest 23/08/17: Showers For All campaign sheds light on French state violence

Greek government explores option of giving land to refugees / Spike in recent arrivals raises worries over overcrowding in island centres / Romanian coastguard intercepts refugee boat in the Black Sea / Refugee reception centres to be repurposed as deportation centres / Refugees evicted from building report on their experiences / Boris Johnson on visit to Libya promises more support to Libyan coastguard / And more news…

“My name is Vincent and I am taking my #shower to #Calais.”

FEATURE: Showers For All campaign drawing attention to state violence in France

Last week, Vincent de Conick, the founder of “Catholic Aid for Calais,” posted a picture of himself holding a sign. On the sign it read, “My name is Vincent and I am going to bring my shower to Calais.”


Greek government puts forth plan to allocate farming land to 1,500 refugees

The Greek agricultural minister has put forth a proposal to give 1,000–1,500 refugees land in Macedonia or Viotia as a way to integrate them into Greek society. Various ministries are currently holding discussions to see how the plan would be implemented practically.

Khora to hold legal workshop for volunteers on Friday

This Friday, Khora will be holding another workshop in its centre in Athens for volunteers seeking legal advice with regards to refugees.

(Photo by Khora)

Refugee Rescue seeking spotters

Spotters play a crucial role in search and rescue missions of boats carrying refugees. If you have good eyesight and free time, please consider sending in an application to Refugee Rescue to become a member of the land crew.

New arrivals

Lesbos: 34 arrived onto the northern coast of the island last night, among them are 16 men, 13 women, and five children.

German teachers needed in northern Greece

Lifting Hands International is looking for German speakers who can instruct refugees living in Serres. LHI is an organization that provides German classes for refugees five days a week, and there is an especially high demand for teachers now as the inhabitants of the Serres camp are to be relocated to Germany. If you are available, please contact Anika Patel on Facebook.

Long-term children’s English teacher needed

City Plaza is looking for an English teacher who would be able to stay to teach the language to children for at least a month. All inquiries and applications should be sent to Mitra Chloe Sarshar on Facebook.


Boat of asylum seekers on the Black Sea raises concerns

The Romanian coastguard intercepted a boat carrying 68 refugees, among them 23 children. Less than two weeks prior on August 13, a boat carrying 69 Iraqi refugees was similarly captured. These two events have led some to believe that we may be witnessing the emergence of an alternative route to Europe.


Austria to turn three reception centres into detention/repatriation centres

The Austrian government has voiced its intention to turn three of its refugee reception centres into detention centres by November. The centres to be repurposed are located in Krumfelden bei Althofen, Fieberbrunn, and Steinhaus am Semmering.


Refugees sheltered in Roman squat evicted, report being ‘treated like animals’

Refugees who had been staying in a building in Piazza Indipendenza were evicted on Saturday, resulting in homelessness for dozens of people. “They arrived at 5 AM when we were sleeping. They entered our homes and told us to leave,” said one refugee who had been living in the squat, reporting on the eviction.

Refugees from Gorizia to be transferred

Authorities are moving asylum seekers to the Cara di Gradisca, which has a capacity of 260 places, another building close to the Cara is being used as well as the cantene to make space to new arrivals.


British Foreign Secretary promise more support to Libyan coastguard, earning swift condemnation of MSF

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson during today’s visit to Libya, announced that the UK in conjunction with its EU partners will work to strengthen the Libyan coastguard.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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