AYS Daily News Digest 26/04/17: Are women and children a national security threat? In Croatia, maybe!

wall between Turkey and Syria halfway completed / protest in support of Moria hunger strike / Šid camp being closed in Serbia / Italian officials dismiss accusations of NGOs collaborating and creating a “pull factor” for refugees / Austria seeks to tighten border controls / new map from France

So many questions. Photo credit: Lesvos Solidarity

FEATURE: Are You Syrious and Center for Peace Studies publish detailed report calling out Croatian Ministry of Interior and Security and Intelligence Agency for “arbitrary and unlawful” practices in handling international protection applications.

Organizations Are You Syrious (AYS) and Center for Peace Studies (CPS) have published a damning report detailing misconduct in processing and not approving asylum applications of asylum seekers in Croatia. In a press conference on Wednesday, the organizations announced their findings which were published in the report titled “Report on arbitrary and unlawful practices by the Ministry of Interior and the Security and Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Croatia related to (non)approval of international protection or status of foreigners in Croatia” which analyzed thirty cases of individuals who, despite meeting multiple qualifications for protection, had their cases not approved.

Volunteers in Serbia. Photo Credit: Aid Delivery Mission/Fresh Response


Turkey has completed the first phase of the projected 900-km-long wall with Syria, as of recently, finishing over half of the three-meter-tall concrete barrier.


The ongoing hunger strike in Moria camp, despite receiving comparatively little media attention, is continuing to make waves of solidarity across Greece.


In the wake of the recent forced transport of refugees from Šid, in comes as little surprised that Serbian officials have announced the closure of Šid camp, supposedly in response to complaints from the local community. The camp will be gradually downsized beginning this weekend.

Aid Delivery Mission in Serbia, outside the camps. Photo Credit: Aid Delivery Mission/Fresh Response


There is no proof supporting the accusation of collaboration between NGOs and smugglers promoting migration.

“So far, at our state of knowledge, there are not any investigative evidences to reveal any possible linkages between NGOs and organizations managing the migrants’ trafficking or related environments”

Stefano Screpanti argued in front of the Defense Commission of the Italian Senate, about the exploratory investigation on the military’s contribution on the control of migration flows in the Mediterranean Sea, and on the impact of the NGOs’ activities. His conclusions are supported by Admiral Enrico Credendo, who commands the European Navy Mission Sophia-Eunavformed. More details, in Italian, here.

“All we want are answers!” Photo Credit: Voices from Lesvos


The Austrian interior minister, citing concerns about ‘secondary migration’ within the EU of refugees and migrants has called for an indefinite extension of border controls. He says, “In terms of public order and internal security, I simply need to know who is coming to our country.”


UPDATED PARIS GUIDE from Solidarithé

Photo credit, Solidarithé
  1. what happens with the 52 employees who worked in the camp? — some contracts have been terminated, the rest is still employed cleaning up the camp, or will be allocated for other duties within the AFEJI (The organization who ran the camp: Association des Flandres pour l’Education, la formation des Jeunes et l’Insertion sociale et professionnelle)
  2. What happened to the refugees? 1154 refugees were distributed to other centers in France, about 75 UAM were placed into structure at Gravelines and Inner Flanders. 300–400 still are camping wild in the region.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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