AYS DAILY NEWS DIGEST 29/07 — Violence in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan continues, while migrant deaths rise in 2016.

As long as war and violence continues, people will continue to flee to Europe. News in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan show us what people are fleeing from. Meanwhile, 3,034 have died so far, trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

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Operation Refugee Child sent backpacks filled with gifts to Northern Greece. Photo by Kayra Martinez

251,557 migrants entered Europe by sea in 2016, over 3,000 die

3,034 migrants and refugees have died so far in 2016. This year’s total is significantly higher than last year. At the end of July 2015, some 1,917 people had lost their lives at sea.

These numbers are not a deterrent for migrants who want to flee violence in their home countries or discrimination and terrible living conditions in their current host countries. As one Syrian, explains in the book “The New Odyssey”, “even if there was a (European) decision to drown the migrant boats, there will still be people going by boat because the individual considers himself dead already. Maybe not physically, but psychologically and socially (a Syrian) is a destroyed human being, he’s reached the point of death. So I don’t think that even if they decided to bomb migrant boats it would change people’s decision to go”. News in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon show us why people flee and will continue to flee, no matter what hurdles are in their way.


4,357 people executed by ISIL

According to Irin, almost 3,600 people were killed by airstrikes in Syria so far this year, while around 1,200 were killed by shelling/explosion, and 500 by detention, kidnapping or execution.

Situation in Aleppo continues to deteriorate

Two dead after maternity hospital hit by air strikes


Afghan government loses 5% of its territory to the Taliban

Afghans are refused access to the relocation program, but The U.N. Mission in Afghanistan says that 11,000 people were killed or injured in fighting in the country this year, a 45% increase since 2012.


Iraq Body Count Project


Syrians face attacks and discrimination in Lebanon

Lebanon’s security forces have also detained at least 600 Syrians in the aftermath of the suicide attacks. It is “difficult and expensive to renew residency papers” of refugees, making them vulnerable to constant arrests and fines.

IOM Turkey and the German consulate in Istanbul launch family reunification program

IOM’s “Family Assistance Programme (FAP) for Syrians” project, “aims to dissuade Syrian families from seeking unsafe, irregular migration channels to reach Europe”. IOM offices in Turkey and Lebanon will advise Syrian families on how to prepare documents needed to apply for a German family reunification visa and is offering classes to facilitate integration in Germany.

You can find more information under Familyreunion-syria.diplo.de


Pre-registration has ended

UNHCR claims that since the vast majority of those who wish to pre-register have done so by now, access to the Skype system should function more efficiently.

Provisions have been made that the people transferred from Piraeus to Oinofyta and Trikala will be able to pre-register.

Refucomm has written-up a great guide on how to use Skype to make an appointment with the Asylum office.

We hope that the Skype calls will indeed function better than in Idomeni.

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Idomeni. Photo by AYS

€11m awarded in emergency funding to Italy and Greece

118 arrive on Greek Islands

104 arrived on Lesvos, one on Chios and 13 in Leros.

The AFP argues the increase in arrivals can be linked to the failed coup in Turkey, since the average rate of migrant arrivals has increased to 90 people per day, up from 30 before the attempted coup.

As the number of arrivals seems to pick up again, United Rescue Aid is asking for their alarm number and safety flyers to be shared.

Even sharing the flyer with refugees who are already in Europe could prove useful, as they remain in contact with people who might risk the journey in the future.

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Weather report

Disaster Tech Lab faces difficulties in new camps


Help needed in Kelebija

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The “I’m Human Organization” trailer in Kelebija. Photo by IMO

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