Syrian opposition group launched missiles at a hospital in government-held West Aleppo, killing 19 and injuring 17. The Syrian Network of Human Rights has released its report for April 2016, reporting 1041 civilian casualties, 718 of which were caused by the Assad regime. Europe is expected to loosen visa requirements for traveling Turkish citizens. Italy has charged two smugglers with deaths and the endangerment of lives. The bodies of approximately 700 refugees on the floor of the Mediterranean are to be surfaced and given a proper burial. A PEGIDA leader was forced to pay a fine for denigrating insults against refugees.

Credits: Refugee Support Group


Another hospital in Syria has become a target of bombing.

Political prisoners of the Syrian regime riot against the horrendous prison conditions

Credits to Hama News Agency

1041 civilians have been killed in Syria in April, according to SNHR, the government is responsible for most of them.


How Turkey is benefiting from the EU-Turkey deal on refugees


Baby-Kits for Refugee Babies in Ritsona.

Pants and dignity for refugees at Samos.

Progress is being made in Skaramangas.

Rainy Idomeni

Credits: Refugee Support Group
Credits: Refugee Support Group
Credits: Refugee Support Group
Credits: Refugee Support Group
Credits: Refugee Support Group


Volunteer with refugees in Serbia.


700 refugees whose bodies are lying on the bottom of the sea, will finally be buried.

Smugglers accused of causing the deaths of refugees and exposing others to great danger.

Talk held on solutions to the refugee crisis in Europe.

101 refugees arrive to Italy from Lebanon, making the third group of refugees to come to Italy as part of a pilot program active since February.

A communal charity event for refugees to be held in Italy. Let it be an example!


Pegida member fined for insulting refugees.


Refugee children are back to school!

Credits: Care4Calais
Credits: Care4Calais


Cartooning for Peace Exhibition.

Credits: Rowan Farrell


European countries are tightening their borders


A refugee woman sets herself on fire

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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