Syria Advocacy Group calls for Aleppo Is Burning protests to be held worldwide. 260 airstrikes, 110 artillery strikes, 18 missiles and 68 bombs were launched on Aleppo in the past 8 days, according to Syria Civil Defense. 53,687 refugees were present in Greece today — there were 162 registered new arrivals. Deportations of refugees from other EU countries to Croatia continue. Dinghy full of migrants heading to Italy sunk in the international Libyan waters — 84 people are lost at the moment, says IOM. Volunteers are needed in Dunkirk. European Commission will propose to the member states the amendment to Dublin regulation related to the responsibility to receive refugees and migrants. Germany and other Member States are preparing a proposal to the European council that will allow member states to keep or to introduce temporary border checks within Schengen area.

Refugees and camp volunteers in the EKO refugee camp on the Greek-Macedonian border stand in solidarity with their fellow countrymen in Aleppo, by Rami Jarrah

#AleppoIsBurning Worldwide Red Protest


260 airstrikes, 110 artillery strikes, 18 missiles and 68 bombs launched on Aleppo alone.


Poor conditions in camps due to poor medical facilities and the lack of experienced medical personnel.


162 new arrivals to the islands

Midwife volunteers are needed in in #Thessaloniki.

Volunteers are needed in the Idomeni EKO Kitchen.

Irish group works to provide Wi-Fi for refugees trapped on the islands, volunteers are needed.

Solidarity with Aleppo, by Refugees TV


Refugee Aid Miksalište continues to feed refugees despite evictions.


EU countries continue to deport refugees to Croatia.


Volunteers are needed in Slovenia!


A dinghy full of migrants heading to Italy sank today. According to IOM, 84 people seem to be lost at the moment.

Right wing politician rails against help allotted to refugees which supposedly comes at the expense of needy local residents.


A court has ruled that an AFD conference will take place in Stuttgart, prompting protests.

Protests in Paris, by Let’s Save Refugees in Europe


Volunteers will soon open kitchens and community spaces for refugees. Volunteers needed for final touch-ups.

Protests in UK, by Syria Solidarity UK


Dublin Agreement might be renegotiated with each country taking more additional refugees.

Several EU countries introduce a proposal to temporarily suspend free movement within Schengen Zone.

Lawyer volunteers are needed!

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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