Many more are coming through Mediterranean route — deal with it! , UN chief tells the EU, all the while UN seems to be backing out of the aid airdrops to besieged cities in Syria. Hostility towards new arrivals of the coast of Greece. Greek government plans to move settlements around gas station near Idomeni. New donations needed, with old ones put to good use. Number of refugees rising in Italy and Serbia with Hungary reinforcing its fences. Heightened hostility towards refugees and volunteers in both Austria and Germany.

Cultural Center in Cherso takes shape. If you want to help, see links below. Photo Credit: IHA.


Millions more coming — deal with it, UN chief tells EU


UN might not be sending aid airdrops to besieged cities in Syria


97 new arrivals to Greece today

Hostility towards new arrivals by Maltesian Frontex. Volunteer report

In particular, one frontex cop pushed one doctor who tried to examine one toddler who was not responsive. Tension sparked and the cop was saying “the kid is alright, back away, back away!”.

It’s the first time we witness the police keeping refugees at sea for so long in order to exclude the front line support, it’s the first time we witness violence against doctors, it’s the first time we see authorities remembering so passionately that these people are “illegal” and therefore they only need police “treatment”. Shame.

Dire condition in new camps in northern Greece

Greek government plans to move people from gas stations near Idomeni

Same newspaper is reporting that in one of those camps a Syrian refugee has been hospitalized after being stabbed in the thigh during an argument. “The refugee was stabbed on Sunday afternoon during an argument with a group of migrants, thought to be of Kurdish origin, at a refugee center in Polykastro.” The victim is in a stable condition in Kilkis Hospital.

Drop in the Ocean team would like to thank everybody who donated for their efforts in Greece and more donations needed.

Nea Kavala camp. Action of printing and distributing pictures of people from the camp honoring their personalities brings smile to many faces. Photo credit: Aktionsrb.

In better news, Drop in the Ocean team posted a thank you note to all of those who donated for their activities in the Nea Kavala camp. There is a lot that solidarity resourcess made possible there so take a look at wonderful pictures and do not stop donating.

Also, our friends from IHA are building new cultural centre in Chierso, if you want to help follow the link and contact them


Hungary reinforcing its fence due to higher numbers of people coming to it’s southern border.


Number of refugees in Italy on the rise — government urging for distribution of responsibility

More refugees arriving in Bologna

Two smugglers arrested

UNICEF reports on huge number of unaccompanied minors crossing the Mediterranean route


Neo Nazi youth arrested while claiming to attempt to shoot refugees in Northern Austria


Increased number of asylum requests from Chechnya and North Caucasus


English channel is just as dangerous as the Mediterranean crossings

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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