Most of the refugees in Lebanon want to go back to Syria, says the UNHCR Spokesperson. New arrivals to Greek islands have been reported — 29 to Lesvos, 14 to Samos and 1 to Chios. Refugees are on a hunger strike in Chios Viale center. Greek mainland camp Thermopylae needs help — medical supplies, condensed milk and baby formula. Bulgarian PM calls for ‘more solidarity’ by the Central EU countries regarding their readiness to accept the system of quotas. “Take us away from this prison” — Refugees were protesting in the streets of Lampedusa island. The number of migrants is growing in Italian city of Pordenone — blankets were stolen from the people who were sleeping in the streets due to slow asylum registration procedure. First refugees according to the quota system will arrive to Croatia in July.

Photo by Sol Carrillo — after a month without milk distribution in Souda camp at Chios, volunteers managed to deliver it for all the children who are there.


The Lebanese UNHCR spokeswoman reiterated that most of the refugees in the country desperately want to return to Syria.


53,652 refugees are in Greece today, with 30 new arrivals to the islands.

The mobility of refugees on Lesvos remains limited.

Refugees of Viale Camp are on a hunger strike after being detained for over a month.

Volunteers in Athens paying for refugees’ needs out of their own pocket. Help is needed!

Photo by Nasim Lomani, City Plaza, Athens

Volunteers report on the yesterday’s distribution incident at the E1 School Box in Piraeus.

Donations needed in Thermopylae Camp!


Group publishes guidelines for discussing the refugee crisis with children.


Bulgaria has confirmed that it would accept its quota of 1,200 refugees, but only two Iraqi refugees have agreed to be relocated to the country.


New proposal by Croatian group for the relocation refugees across the country.

Photo by Matija Kralj, AYS and other lovely people having fun at the concert, Zagreb, Croatia

AYS organizes rock concert visit for refugees.


Refugees protest at Lampedusa being held for months.

Photo by Giacomo Zandonini, Lampedusa protest

Refugees forced to sleep on the street in Pordenone as a result of slow accommodation.

United Kingdom

UK volunteers are collecting clothing for refugees.


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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