AYS Daily News digest: 9/11: Refugee testimonies about mistreatment in Serbia

Serbia, a limbo on the refugee path to safety, systematically breaching human rights / Overcrowded island of Chios getting another refugee reception centre / Hungary limited the number of applications by half / Wet, cold, dangerous — circumstances in which hundreds sleep in Paris streets / People of Aleppo left alone, attacked by all sides / Mosul evacuation under go

“ No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy, family, or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his or her honour and reputation.” — Article 16, Convention on the Rights of the Child (Photo: SIRIUS.HELP)

One step forth, two back: Serbia systematically ignores Human Rights

additional places: tents on the ground in the official camp in Subotica (Photo: Moving Europe)

Illegal deportations

Photo: Kimmie Whicher
Photo: DOAM

Leave order

Lack of hygiene

Photo: Refugee Aid Miksalište
Photo: Info Park


Immense suffering continues in Syria, as a huge city battle with hundreds of thousands of civilian lives in danger is taking place in Aleppo.

Meanwhile Idlib is being heavily bombarded and could be the next Aleppo.

Photo: Children of SYRIA


Tens of thousands displaced from Mosul

Gogjali, Iraq 7 November 2016
A boy carries a lamb as he and his family flee their home trying to find safety from war operations in Mosul.
(Photo: Marko Drobnjaković)



Storm hits Chios

Photo credits: Astraparis.gr

New reception centre to be opened on Chios

English classes on Chios continue during winter

“ RRDP research studying the human rights situation in refugee camps in Greece is underway! Yesterday we completed data collection in four major camps around Athens and will proceed to further camps hosting a large number of refugees and displaced people during the next days. The study results to be compiled into a report and made widely available to European policy makers, media and general public before the end of the year.” (Photo: Refugee Rights Data Project)
A new bus shelter built for the Oreokastro camp. “We welcome anyone that wants to get shit done so if you have a project that needs doing, let us know. You are welcome to come use our workshop full of helpful toys.” (Photo: The Get Shit Done Team)


Hungary allowing half as many people the right to apply for asylum in the transit zones


Positive outcome for a family deported back to the ‘first EU country of entry’


27 years after — more walls?!


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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