AYS digest 10/9: Compelled by the reports on poor conditions and slow progress, EU raises the stakes in Greece

With the “approval” of the Syrian regime, the US and Russia set diplomatic foundation for a possible ceasefire in Syria, hours afterwards dozens lose their lives in airstrikes. As Greek islands still struggle with the overcapacity, finally plans to close some camps and move people to mainland. Faced with the fact that tens of thousands of people might enter winter months in seriously poor conditions in camps due to the ineffective and slow system of relocation, the EU announces extra funding to help front line member states improve refugees’ conditions. ‘Disobedient’ Hungarians refuse to give in to moral austerity and call for solidarity.

“I saw a lot of tears today, a part of a family will leave and the rest will continue waiting.
We are together, sharing the suffering, the happiness and sharing all our feelings. Refugees still moving from one spot to another. Refugees still suffering, but one day we will be together in our country, inshallah.” Photo: Through Refugee Eyes


Skepticism over ceasefire rises



Closing of camps on Chios announced

EU agrees to raise funds to help improve refugees’ conditions



Along with wallpapering the country with xenophobic billboards, the Hungarian government’s “We must stop Brussels” booklet for Hungary’s includes a warning about the so called “no go zones” in Europe — “In those European cities, where immigrants live in great numbers, several hundred “no-go” zones exist”, the booklet reveals.
The Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary published a counter propaganda booklet telling about all the human rights violations stemming from their country’s political decisions regarding refugees




Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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