AYS Digest 11/7: More border controls, less solidarity

Security barriers are in the place all around Info Park hut. The queues are longer than ever, all the way through the park. Photo: Info Park


Nato to launch operation Sea Guardian

Rescue operations in Medditerenian. Photo taken form euobserver web site

“Negative natural change” in Europe

South Sudan

272 people have died in fighting between South Sudan’s rival factions


City of Darraya in Syria is under heavy artillery and on the brink of falling. If that happens, a lot more bloodshed and tragedy is expected.


56,853 of people stranded in Greece. Pre-registration in camps with unknown result.

Photo: Basel hilft mit

Unbearable heat in the tents

Flying help organization asking for donations

Job openings


Park in Belgrade full, much more help needed


Freedom now!

Detention center, Bulgaria. Banner reads Freedom now. Photo: Moving Euope


22,491 registered asylum seekers in Hungary since the beginning of 2016.


New “border management” facilities at Nickelsdorf on the border with Hungary


30,000 employed in Germany, many more to go

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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