AYS Digest 11/8: Camps continue to stagnate.

AYS wants to hear about: more projects led by refugees! Severe water shortage in Aleppo. Athens prepares emergency plan for “sudden short-term influx.” More horrifying food problems in Vial. Vasilika camp housing reaches 45 celsius in the summer heat, report says. New reports from inside Serbia-Hungary transit zones. Baobab reports from Rome. France promises more beds, but threatens refugee businesses in Calais.



Photo courtesy of The White Helmets



Video courtesy of Chios Refugees InfoPoint




Distribution in Miksalište



CRS Police are back in the camp confiscating food and bikes from refugee run shops and restaurants. The result of a court case concerning evictions from these premises is due tomorrow. The restaurants provide food and emergency shelter for 150 people per night on average.

In an Op-Ed for Libération, local associations denounce the use of violence by police forces in Paris, describing a recent attack on migrants, including 20 women and children, to prevent them from installing a new camp. It also denounces police harassment and the regular review of migrants’ “administrative situation”,forcing around 400 people to the police station and ordering 80 people, who did not have the time to apply for asylum, to leave the French territory.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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