AYS digest 15/10: Four hospitals and an ambulance bombed in Aleppo

MSF describes “the worst damage to health facilities so far”. Womens centre on Chios needs funds, volunteers needed in Thessaloniki. Landmines pose a lethal threat for the refugees who might try travelling through Bosnia. Refugees evicted from the squat in Berlin. Volunteers to load aid for Syria needed in Essex.

This photo of crying kids from Aleppo has travelled around the world today— will they still be alive tomorrow?

MSF describes indiscriminate bombing, “a clear turn for the worse” in rebel-held eastern Aleppo

AHF ambulance was destroyed and the driver killed in the Russian/Regime areal attack on October 14
An average of 17 children have been injured every day since the aerial bombing campaign resumed


Lack of accommodation proves to be a chronic problem for refugee families who arrive to Athens

Volunteers keep searching the streets to identify and support most vulnerable refugees. Photo: Norman Hering

Gender violence, lack of medical care and education identified as burning issues by 12 NGO’s in Greece

Athena Centre for Women needs urgent support!

Drawings by a traumatized 12-year old refugee who found support in Athena centre for Women on Chios

Volunteers needed to get shit done in the North!


Landmines: a lethal threat for refugees who might attempt travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina

Red colour indicates minefields left from the ex-Yugoslavian war in 1990's. Full map can be found HERE.


Refugees evicted from Bornitzstraße camp in Berlin, no electricity, food and water for those who stay

Shameful conditions in the camp have turned worse in the wake of unofficial eviction. Photo: Doha Hassan

Great Britain

Samara’s Aid Appeal needs volunteers in Harold Wood (Essex) to receive and load aid for Syria!

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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