AYS digest 15/9: What what will become of unaccompanied minors in Calais?

Assad forces block aid delivery to Aleppo. 75,000 refugees trapped on Syria-Jordan border. New anti-refugee riots expected on Chios. Extremist militias patrolling Hungarian border. UK Foreign Secretary says EU should turn back refugee boats from Italy. MSF issues a warning about plans of further dismantling of Calais camp.


Assad forces block aid delivery to Aleppo, “peace deal” might trigger a new wave of the refugees

Convoys of aid waiting in no-man’s land for permission to travel onwards towards Aleppo. Photo: Mete Sohtaoğlu


75,000 refugees trapped in desert no man’s land in dire conditions, Amnesty international warns

Syrian refugees stuck at the Jordanian-Syrian border wait to cross into Jordan in the Hadalat area, Jan. 14, 2016.


UNHCR says 3.7 million of the 6 million school-age children under its mandate have no school to go to


Important info for refugees now on youtube

New right-wing riots expected on Chios

Last night’s protests attrasted 800 residents who rallied against the refugees. Photo: Euronews

Rowing Together needs gynaecologist in the North

Default C-sections remain a problem: stitched-up refugee women often returned to dirty camps

Earth Refugee needs volunteers in Sounio

Urgent call for volunteers in Cherso Camp

OCC project build schools/ cultural centers for refugees in Greece and operates them together with refugees

Number of refugees in camps drops on daily basis


New wave of refugees gets stuck in Serbia

Refugees waiting at Kelebija border crossing are supported by IHO/NorthStar volunteer teams. Photo: NorthStar


Violence continues on the anniversary of the Hungarian-Serbian border closure

Support page for Hungarian police and soldiers shows a loaded gun in August 2016.


UK Foreign Secretary says EU should turn back refugee boats, prevent them from reaching Italy

Around 200,000 refugees have been saved in the Mediterranean. Photo: MSF Sea


MSF: With the Calais ‘Jungle’ about to be dismantled, what will become of unaccompanied minors?


HIAS: “Refugees started arriving from Jordan to Europe after World Food Program cut them off”


Hundreds of life jackets “wash up” on the Thames

Hundreds of life jackets on the bank of the Thames today to highlight the plight of refugees. Photo: Sara Firth


InterAction Announces $1.2 Billion Refugee And Humanitarian Assistance Pledge

Gov. Mike Pence’s illegal treatment of Syrian Refugees challenged before a federal appeals court

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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