AYS Digest 18/8: What choices for Syrian children?

Harrowing accounts of torture in Syrian prisons. Refugees looking for smugglers while few are being relocated. Man with serious health issues gets no help in Oreokastro. More and more Syrians get subsidiary protection instead of refugee status in Germany.

Cartoon by Khalid Albaih


Harrowing accounts of torture and mass deaths in Syria’s prisons.

Omran’s photo

Photo by Mahmoud Rislan

UN Syria envoy suspends humanitarian task force amid continued fighting.


Refugees struggling in Turkey


8 Syrians deported to Turkey from Greece

Only 3,002 out of 66,400 refugees relocated so far

Nea Kavala. Photo by Aida Kristina Ničija

Greece plans to build new facilities to decongest overcrowded camps

Asylum claims often rejected but the decisions can and should be appealed

Refugees chased in Thessaloniki

Oreokastro camp. Inadequate food remains an issue. The heat is suffocating inside, with not enough fans or mosquito protection. People sleep on floors or on wooden pallets and women in particular do not feel safe.
Nea Kavala Camp. The camp is in a remote area, in the middle of a field. It is burning hot there and during the day it is completely silent as people prefer to stay in their tents. There are no trees and no shade. Until a couple of days ago they used to have running water restrictions and they are afraid it will happen again.
People sleeping in the streets and parks of Thessaloniki
Refugees getting ready to walk (1/2)
Refugees getting ready to walk (2/2)

No help for man with serious health issues

Self-organization in the camp.

Isolated refugees at Kypselohori camp


3,112 migrants attempt to cross Serbian border since July 22nd

Timber Project completes projects in Kelebija and Horgos

Kelebija — Photo by Timber Project
Horgos — Photo by Timber Project


More than 600 deportations cancelled

No returns to Greece until 2017

Syrians get subsidiary protection instead of refugee status

Italy sets up shelter near Swiss border after Switzerland cracks down on crossings

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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