AYS digest 23/01: Information makes the world go round

Winter in Europe by Tjeerd Royaards
New issue of In the Loop
Mira Salomori and Alina Solomon
Survey by Justine Corrie
Survey by Justine Corrie


Late yesterday evening, volunteers in Lesvos reported that one boat arrived on the north coast and was picked up by the coast Guard just off Eftalou. 51 people were taken to Skala Sykaminia including 3 children, 15 women and 33 men. Three of the women are pregnant and in the group were 3 medical cases.

FAQs on family reunification process in Greece

For crucial information on what, where and how, whether you are stuck in Greece and want to reunite with your family further north, or whether you are working with those eligible for reunification, please turn to this web page where the most common questions on family reunification are answered.

Alternative housing for unaccompanied minors in Athens

Athens is full of unaccompanied minors and youth who probably have no chance of escaping the streets. That’s why Holes in the borders, in collaboration with Acció Solidària Mediterrània and independent volunteers, have inaugurated an alternative housing solution for young refugees in Athens. Take a look at the video made to commemorate the opening of the home. It may make you tear up a bit.


No games for refugees in Cona center

It seems that due to a lack of information and solidarity on the part of local residents, an amateur team made up of asylum seekers based at the Cona center in Venice will not be able to use the sports center or football pitch of Pegolotte anymore due to protests by parents of local children. Parents threatened to take their kids away from the sports center for “hygienic reasons” as a 19 year old Bengalese boy (hosted in the CAS of Cona) had a suspected case of meningitis. As a result, two migrants who had sports center memberships will not be allowed to enter, much as the entire asylum seekers team, who were involved in a local championship. We hope this situation will be resolved soon in favor of basic human empathy.


Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid promised more funds to be sent to Serbia

Christos Stylianides, on the right, during a visit to a refugee center in Krnjaca, near Belgrade. Photo_ EU_Oliver Bunic

Refugee aid Serbia appeals for donations and help

While authorities are talking big money, those on the ground are busy collecting basics in order to keep people fed and clothed while those in charge decide what to do. For this reason Refugee Aid Serbia is asking for donations. For their full message please visit this link.


Summary of asylum procedures in Hungary

News that Moves reports that the Hungarian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights has published a summary of the asylum procedures in the country. It seems that there are four types of asylum procedures: 1. Border procedure 2. Inadmissible claim 3. Fast procedure and 4. Normal procedure. After the procedure, people can be granted Refugee status, Subsidiary protection, Humanitarian protection or presented with a Negative decision. For a detailed explanation of the procedures and outcomes see the full article on the News that Moves site.


Calais4Calais updated their list of necessary donations

The organization Calais4Calais has updated their list of most-needed items. If you can help or donate in any way, check out this link or look at the picture below.



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Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.