AYS Digest 27/9: As doors close to Syrians fleeing by thousands, instead of ceasefire — Aleppo ceases to exist…

Rights, conventions and solidarity more and more geographically limited / Confusing and slow process of relocation finds resistance and mistrust with some refugees / UAE finally agrees to start welcoming Syrian refugees / EU strengthening Bulgarian border / Hungarian government ignores global outrage by their populist politics

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Photo credit: The White Helmets


Contest over territory turns into an endless battle in Aleppo

“There will be no water and no electricity, no fuel, hospitals will not be able to keep going. If the situation continues like this, I expect a big genocide.” Raed Saleh

During one week in Aleppo, between September 21 and 26, 377 battle-deaths were documented by The Violations Documentation Center in Syria. 369 were civilians, and only 8 non-civilians. And as dozens of bombs continue to rain down on besieged Aleppo, where more than 250,000 civilians are believed to be trapped, Reuters reports that the Assad regime and its regional and international allies have launched a ground attack.

“What is happening in Aleppo is a brutal violence against the people, against the civilian population to an extent that is totally unacceptable,” said German chancelor Angela Merkel earlier on Tuesday at a press conference in Berlin.

Merkel expressed regret for the failure to stop fighting, but said it was worth every effort to continue trying to achieve a ceasefire deal which actually works. Meanwhile, Irinnews tells us that The UN, recently facing criticism for allowing the Assad regime to influence its aid deliveries, is still without a top official in Syria, as they are waiting for Assad to approve its new Syria chief.


Number of arrivals in Europe lowers sharply as number of deaths is up


Selective solidarity at its worst

This devastating result stems from the lack of political will, dispersion of responsibility, poorly done job, but also the complexity of the whole procedure. It is, however, slowed down and made even more complicated due to some right wing populist governments who have previously raised objections to the relocation of Muslim refugees from Italy, Greece or Turkey. Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Tuesday that EU member states should provide shelter for refugees fleeing terror and civil war, irrespective of their religion or faith.

This is my opinion, has always been my opinion, and continues to be my opinion,” Merkel stressed.

As the Višegrad countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, who have long opposed the scheme of quotas, continue to bully their ideas through, how the previously agreed system of relocation will speed up and start being more effective in the coming winter months — remains a question.
„Solidarity is a principle not cherry picking and if some countries put that principle in doubt they put in doubt the basis of the European Union.”
This overall view on the situation in the EU was a common point during the short joint interview by Mr Juncker and Mr Schulz on the French TV station France 24 where they discussed the future direction of the slow and insufficient European refugee project.

You cannot impose solidarity, solidarity has to come from the heart. — Jean-Claude Juncker

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Photo: Through Refugee Eyes


New registrations


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Chios photos: Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario
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Are you a refugee in Thessaloniki in need of information?


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Mazaraki Cherso photos: by Open Cultural Center — OCC — former Idomeni Cultural Center
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UAE opening two new camps in Greece


Earth Refugee needs volunteers in camp Sounio

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Turkey makeshift camp near Manisa, photo: ARC



EU equipping Bulgarian border

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Üdvözlet! (Photo credit: AFP / Getty Images via Amnesty International)


‘In the end no one wants us. So I wish I wasn’t here. I wish I wasn’t where people didn’t want us.’ — A 15-year-old from Syria


The organizers encourage all the participants to take photos during the clean up (asking for permission beforehand) and share images of the clean up with the hashtag #refugees4acleanerbelgrade
Schedule: Briefing & Recruiting: 9.30–10h Clean-up: 10–12h

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Refugee Aid Miksalište continues helping and THANKS to all those who have donated since the beginning of the crisis in Serbia (Photo: Refugee Aid Miksalište)



EU needs to establish migrant deals similar to the EU-Turkey deal with African countries



The failure of the majority of our politicians to engage meaningfully in Europe’s humanitarian crisis of today cannot be excused.

The Irish, who pledged to accept 4,000 refugees with particular emphasis on families and unaccompanied minors, have so far taken in just over 300 people, one of whom is an unaccompanied minor.
This fact alone brings many of the Irish people to ask themselves whether their future generations are the only ones who will be asking themselves why they failed to find courage and voice to help their fellow humans, as reported in a commentary text.

The Christian churches, which have lost whatever moral high ground they had been granted by previous generations, have not been sufficiently vocal as the great humanitarian crisis that envelops Europe now has unfolded.

We have, seemingly, lost our voice, our anger, our capacity to demand of politicians that they introduce a moral compass to their work on our behalf.

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