AYS Digest 28/5/2017: 10,000 refugees rescued over the last four days

Moria graffiti: “”Inside are bakers, nurses, dads, mums, nurses, musicians.
And doctors, lawyers, dentists.”
Photo by Dirty Girls of Lesvos


1,446 people arrive in Napoli

MSF says its boat the Prudence has arrived in Napoli with 1,446 people and was welcomed by a group of volunteers.


68 refugees arrive on Samos

Concerns over “humanitarian gap” on Greek islands

Despite critical conditions in refugee camps, some NGOs funded by the EU could be leaving Greek islands by the end of July, when the Greek government will take over funding and managing support services, as reported by The Independent. Some NGOS fear the prospect of a “humanitarian gap” resulting from a poorly planned transition, while No Borders worries about the state employees’ training in refugees’ rights and refugee protection. The group also worries about the lack of access to public services for refugees leaving camps for apartments or more remote locations. On Chios, the end of EU funding for NGOs could force organizations like the Norwegian Refugee Council and “Be Aware And Share” (BAAS) to leave. BAAS, which which oversees a multitude of education projects, is currently raising money in order to stay on the island at least until the end of the year.

Scorpions in Agia Eleni

Refugees in the camp of Agia Eleni worry about the massive presence of scorpions. We received photos to show this appealing situation, and testimonies of people who are telling us that they are afraid to sleep during the night because of so many scorpions.


Restriction of movement in Obrenovac camp

Bordermonitoring Serbia says authorities are trying to lock up all exits of the Obrenovac camp and says only one person per room is allowed to leave. It adds that refugees might organize a protest. Previously, it has been announced that all the camps in Serbia are of open type. What it means in practice is that people are free to go out during the day, but to come back usually before 10pm, and they can leave after 7am.


Donations needed as police destroys tents and sleeping bags in Calais

Care4Calais says it urgently needs donations, especially tarpaulins, sleeping bags and clothes. The group visited a group of refugees who are sleeping rough and who told them that the police knows where they are and that they get no rest, as every night they are continuously tear gassed and pepper sprayed. They also say that “a couple of nights ago the police went into these woods on a mission, a mission to destroy the beginnings of a new jungle in Calais, throwing belongings out of tents and slashing tents and sleeping bags, leaving people cold, damp and sleepless”.

Photo by Care4Calais
Photo by Refugee Community Kitchen


Update on Gorizia

A week ago we wrote on the situation in Gorizia, with around 150 refugees left on their own after the evacuation of the “bunker” and 47 sleeping rough. Local volunteers say many are still sleeping in the streets, while 50 refugees of the dormitory are without food for Ramadan. Donations are urgently neeeded, especially rice, flour, eggs, legumes, shoes and underwear.


New building squatted in Amsterdam

Photo by “We are Here”



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